The Ukrainian authorities as part of the process of European integration has agreed to resettle to all Roma from the countries of the European Union. The relevant Decree was signed by Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych.

On the official website of the President of Ukraine published the Decree # 201 of 2013. Here is the full text of the document.

The Decree Of Yanukovych
With the purpose of creating proper conditions for the protection and integration into Ukrainian society of representatives of the Roma national minority, provide them with equal opportunities to participate in social, economic and cultural life of the state, resolve:

1. To approve the Strategy for protection and integration into Ukrainian society of the Roma national minority for the period up to 2020 (attached).

2. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to approve within six months a plan of measures on implementation of the Strategy approved by this decree.

3. The decree comes into force from the day of its publication.

President of Ukraine Viktor YANUKOVYCH

Just note that in the Decree of Yanukovych and attached to it the "strategy" this is not about "their" Gypsies, which in Ukraine are many, and about hundreds of thousands "of Roma minority" who now live in the countries of Evrosouza and where they want to remove any price.

Gypsies with the scandal deported from France, kicking drive from Romania, sent anywhere from Finland. Hungary, where Roma make up 10-12% of the population, already on the brink of a social explosion. And even docile Czech Republic Slovakia with a note of hysteria categorical demand that the leaders of the EU final solution to the Gypsy question".

And only Ukraine, which in the EU is not included, but there is very wants, at the behest of Brussels approved the "strategy for the protection and integration of Roma in Ukrainian society with the aim of preserving their unique culture and identity".

We must understand that tolerant and politically correct to a complete idiocy Europe you really need to get, so she started the actual deportation of some of the nation. Arabs and Africans there suffer, but Roma decided to send to hell.

Maybe the thing is that in "unique original culture" Roma are not only guitar songs and dancing with tambourines, but also the propensity to criminal methods to get food. From fraud and theft to drug trafficking.

Now the carriers of this remarkable "identity" will move to Ukraine. Where they have been promised full support for the speedy integration.

First on the hospitable Ukrainian land will arrive, probably, the most "original of the original" of the Roma. The phrase "criminal thugs" in official documents to drink is not accepted, therefore, has the same meaning as in the Decree of Yanukovych, passed by the phrase: "discrimination which in Europe has led to the weakening of their integration and marginalization".

"Original marginalized" people in Europe are bad now, so Ukraine makes possible they visa regime for entry for permanent residence and will create all conditions to preserve the unique culture".

There is a strong suspicion that the indigenous people of Ukraine invasion of hundreds of thousands of "original Roma" will not be happy. It is hard to believe that Roma migrants will bring great benefit to the economy and social sphere of the country.

This step is redolent of national masochism, the Ukrainian authorities are doing just for the sake of the notorious "EU accession on the rights Association". And, apparently, in the hope of receiving a compliment. For the salvation of Europe from hemorrhoids Yanukovych hopes to get some nice nishtyak. Maybe even money just settle, despite the crisis. At least for the resettlement of the same Roma, without asking what they will be spent in the real world.
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