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Ukrainian military pilots destroy their own people. If this is not genocide, then what?
Journalists and bloggers are installing the names of the pilots who bombed Donetsk and Gorlovka. There is information that in order to execute such orders military collected literally all over the country - because few people agree to shoot at her.

Special zeal, experts have noticed pilots who previously served in the Crimea, near Sevastopol. Part of their they surrendered without resistance, and now - curry favour with. Our correspondent Elena Gorshenin were surprised: those who shoots residential blocks in Kyiv called heroes.

- Briefs, panties! Who you going to serve guys? NATO or their wives and children?

So a military garrison Lyubimovka welcomed their military officers. In March the 14th Sevastopol brigade of tactical aviation covered with shame banner regiment. Giving up first without a fight "friendly people", after hail from Kyiv Ukrainian officers undertook a demonstration March to the airfield. Under TV cameras Western media and named the USA on the lips. In the network of this video is called "don't shoot, you live".

"The friendly people at the airport they were allowed, and another three weeks before the relocation of the Ukrainian pilots lived in hozblok. Side by side with the Russian military. Now, perhaps these officers of the Ukrainian air force bombed the Donbass.

In favor of this version is inclined an eyewitness of those events - the journalist Evgeny Zubarev. Its entry in the Internet has caused quite a storm. According to Zubareva, March 14th after passing the airfield without fighting brigade commander - Julius Mamchur and its subordinate authorities of Kiev promised to shoot. And now the pilots just doin to save himself.

Evgeny Zubarev, journalist: "Then in the Crimea - they cost more than politely. None of them suffered was not beaten, crippled - all were well prepared to return to Ukraine. And now they may have turned the whole Donbass. Whether it was necessary then to let go?".

In punitive operations pilots are not free: the departure get 9 thousand UAH - for the Ukrainian military is a fortune.

Evgeny Zubarev, journalist: "There is a military, our money receiving from the power of 10 thousand roubles, 15 - ceiling. And here 9 thousand UAH is 27 thousand for one flight - it's just a lot of money on their standards".

However, military experts say: in punitive operations involved not only former Belbek pilots. They are flying on the fighters on the ground these aircraft strikes without lead only with air cover. South-East bombing, according to the staff, attack planes "SU-25".

And that pilots native for Donbass - 299 brigade, based under Donetsk, called "his". In intercepted the conversation between the pilot clearly audible pure Russian language, characteristic of the South-East. And methods of war - barbarian. With high-precision weapons, Ukrainian army on his own towns strikes by Nursani - unguided rockets. The range of 150-200 meters, the result is a scorched earth.

Killed tens, or a month you will have to restore the city - the consequences of such bombings are well known to all: and the military, and the leadership of the punitive action. But neither those, nor others, it does not stop. For participation in combat pilots assigned to the high price.

Vladislav Shurygin: "This is a punitive operation, and pilots, albeit in different ways, but motivated. For some this apartment for some reward, but for someone money. But in any case, for us it changes nothing is real Punisher".

Just to set the names of the pilots is a matter of time. Sooner or later, in the age of information technology, they will become known. But will they be judged for war crimes is a big question. For today the Ukrainian authorities - the destruction of their own people, heroism.

Ukrainian army to destroy their own people

In Slavyansk shell of a house. If this is not genocide, then what?

New attacks on Slavyansk showed that Ukrainian military deliberately hit civilians. Otherwise, nothing to explain - in the midst of the fire, the Church, where he has been a parish school, where in the Assembly hall preparing for prom

Goals can be clearly seen from the height of the mountains Karachun. It will not write off on accidental contact. It, in opinion of many experts, is about the genocide of their people in Ukraine. Most people sitting in basements. Mother and very quiet town - move now short dashes. See report of our correspondent Dmitry Kulko and Victor Tskhovrebov taken literally under a hail of debris.

The shells fired by the Ukrainian military, are torn in a few meters from us. From explosions have time to hide in the temple. Slavyantsi learned to escape the bombing, lying on the floor away from Windows. Explosions of stun. The building is ringing under the fragments - the entire facade is dotted with holes, near appear one by one funnel. To go out is death, but here is dangerous. Pieces of metal through the glass fly in the temple, broken all the Windows except the one where there are icons. It seems that the faithful help of a higher power.

Father Nikon unruffled. Under the roar of cannons said calmly trying to support all. According to him, this is not the first fire of the temple, the military specifically aim at peaceful citizens. Here half an hour ago bid farewell to the dead. Two people had no time to hide from falling minutes At a memorial service came a lot of people are attracted gunners, says the priest, the Church could be seen from their positions on the mountain Karachun. As soon as we leave the Church bombing going on again. 're running in neighboring the entrance. Also be saved passers-by. Half an hour of sitting together on the steps and shudder with each explosion.

But high-rise buildings is not the best shelter, people run out on the street and in a hurry in the neighbouring bunkers. Time to go down to the basement, and I certainly hear next new explosions. A few minutes landed near the school, one fell exactly in the roof. In the shelter together with the evacuated students crammed residents of the neighboring houses. Teachers in the dark calculate the final grades. School persistent Slavyansk not fail, no matter what. But, because of tightened attack security forces. Will soon have to close them.

Waiting silence, people come out of the dungeon and not recognize your broken city. At the entrance of the mountain broken glass, next burn down cars. This house is mine covered completely. It hit a tree in front and turned the building into a sieve - affected absolutely all apartments. When shelling injured six people, all civilians, one of them a young boy. What's next, people are afraid to imagine. In the Internet appeared the video, as the Ukrainian troops pulled towards the city system "Grad".
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