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Ukrainian rocket could be used by the Russian Board "President Putin"
Ukrainian rocket could be used by the Russian Board "President Putin"

The Federal air transport Agency does not exclude that the likely intent of the Ukrainian rocket, got in the airplane Boeing 777 company Malaysia Airlines, could be a plane of the Russian President.

A source in the Federal air transport Agency on the rights of confidentiality stated that the purpose of the Ukrainian missile or ground-based, or released from a military aircraft, could be a plane of the Russian President.

"Board room and one Malaysian Boeing 777 intersect at the same point and on the same tier. It happened near Warsaw on 330-m echelon at the height of 10100 meters. The Board number one was there at 16:21 MSK, Malaysian aircraft - 15:44 MSK"

According to him, the contours of the aircraft similar linear dimensions is also very similar, and the coloring on a fairly remote distance is almost identical.

Militia announced the cause of the fall малfзийского Boeing. "The airspace over the Luhansk and Donetsk Republics closed by the government of Ukraine. Violation of the Malaysian ship could happen for two reasons: 1) the provocation on the part of Ukraine; 2) the error Manager. Any vessel on normative acts should be shot down by air defense of the country, whose air space it broke. Witnesses who observed the flight of passenger plane Boeing 777 watched the attack on him attack aircraft of the air force of Ukraine. After that the passenger plane was split into two parts in the air and fell on DND. After the attack Ukrainian bomber was shot down and fell on LNR in the border area with the Donetsk Republic. At the moment we are searching for downed plane," the statement said. Let's remind, in the crash Boeing died 280 passengers and 15 crew members.

Close to the border with Russia in the Donetsk national Republic fell aircraft company "Malaysia Airlines". According to preliminary data, all 295 passengers on Board the Boeing 777", died. It's 15 crew members and 280 passengers on route Amsterdam - Kuala Lumpur".

Passenger "Boing" fell in DND near the border with Russia

Reportedly, the plane did not get about 50 km to entering the airspace of the Russian Federation.

Interfax-Ukraine reports that fragments of the plane are located near the settlement Hornbeam. According to reports the same news Agency, this town is controlled by militia Donetsk national Republic. In ukrasni it spawned a "major version" tragedy of a supposedly passenger airliner was shot down exactly militias. Another version from ukrasni today is not expected.

The plane disappeared from radar screens at height of 10 thousand meter, and some time later fell in the Mining area DND. 10 thousand metres height, which is inaccessible even for the most advanced DISK.

In air traffic control service of Ukraine reported that the "Boeing" has triggered the emergency beacon.

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