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People living in Ukraine, and chose "Ukrainians" as the basis of perception of the world is hopelessly deaf to all rational argument. They have completely brainwashed perception of reality. And with this, we are guided exclusively by diplomatic politeness or information, it is impossible to do anything. Such a feature noted by the chief editor of the Russian magazine "national defense", a military expert Igor Korotchenko, in his interview to the Internet channel Pravda.ru.

"They generally do not analyze. They have a matrix of consciousness is absolutely stitched. I don't even know if it is possible to cure them. To convince, or at least to put the seed of doubt in the matrix, which covered their brain, useless. They do not take anything that does not fit into their template", he said, based on recent experience with Ukrainian journalists with whom he had to face at the exhibition of arms in Abu Dhabi.

"We talked and without camera and without witnesses, just like a human, but with them it is impossible to say, useless. All the arguments fly off from the wall as", - he explained, telling that to overcome the faith of the Ukrainian society in "the Russian troops in the Donbas", and even a perfectly rational arguments, almost impossible.

"This is also a technology of mass effect on the brain of the Ukrainian people. Therefore, the people there are shows such horrific things. Brains really totalitarian washed so that no other case can't plant the slightest grain of doubt. And it's scary, because this is a different reality.

Such people cannot be persuaded of anything. I have always said that such things as the consciousness of the population of the Third Reich, are treated only by military defeat and further denazification", - the expert believes.

In addition, Korotchenko is strongly opposed to any concessions to the West and Ukraine on the issue of release of Savchenko. No shares of pressure by the West, who raised her shield, will not impact on Russia in this matter, he said. Adding that if the Russian authorities released Savchenko, this would undermine the credibility of the Kremlin by ordinary citizens and provoke a new mass murder of Russian citizens (for example, those same journalists - ed.) the Ukrainian military and paramilitary thugs.

"Girl it is difficult to call. Yes, she is female, but perhaps with a predominance of male chromosomes. This is a professional military, a professional killer who deliberately chose war as the way of its social and political career. In any society there is a certain proportion of people in the genes which are sewn propensity to kill. Another thing that works effectively when the police apparatus, law enforcement machine, they have constraints. Cicatelli become one.

Others who would like to repeat such terrible things, pushing his instincts, because they understand that it might end in the execution or life imprisonment. Maidan has emancipated their instincts, and the situation of war in the Donbas contributed to the fact that people with a penchant for mass murder went by volunteers. They went into the National guard, volunteer battalions, the Right sector to realize its murderous impulses in full. Savchenko - the man in the genes which are sewn thirst to kill," argues Korotchenko its position.

"I have carefully studied all the background Savchenko. This is a professional killer. Will be proven whether her fault or not that it contributed to the murder of Russian journalists, will show the result. I think it will be conducted entirely objectively. War crimes (and she is a war criminal) does not have a Statute of limitations and, accordingly, for these things need to respond and take responsibility," - said the expert.

"During the war, people of this type are not heroes, and invaders who carry out promotions for the mass extermination of the population. This was done by the Ukrainian insurgent army. The same is happening now. They like that you can kill, rape, burn. This foam, which spilled onto the Maidan, the Ukrainian lumpens who had no chance of social career. This is the lumpen, which was located on the lower rungs of the social ladder in the Ukraine, and sometimes under these stairs. This wave Maidana threw them.

Ahead of this wave were formed battalions of the national guard - ideological prop of the regime that came to power in Kiev a year ago. But then these people were sent away because they had to be removed from Kiev. They are dangerous, and they were sent to fight in the Donbass, where they showed absolutely brutal violence against civilians. This punitive - they do not fight, they fire, destroy, kill, rape. This is the Punisher!", - sums Korotchenko.
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