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US decided to dictate the rules of the Black Sea
During starters NATO exercises and Ukraine Sea Breeze Commander of the 6th Fleet, US Navy Vice Admiral James Foggo vowed to use "the right to freedom of maritime navigation" for the permanent presence of the US Navy in the Black Sea. In addition, the United States called for a code of conduct for the sailors of the Black Sea, as well as to modernize the Ukrainian Navy.

Navy US "try to maintain a nearly constant presence in the Black Sea", it was announced on the eve of the commander of the 6th Fleet of the US Navy James Foggo. Vice Admiral Foggo referred to the rule of freedom of navigation in international waters.

"We are their aircraft from the Crimea, in fact, anti-missile systems and can control the Straits and the Black Sea basin"

Statement Commander 6th Fleet was dedicated to the teachings which began Aug. 31 NATO Sea Breeze 2015. These multinational exercises taking place in Ukraine and the Black Sea, taking part American missile destroyer Donald Cook, whose main weapons are the cruise missiles "Tomahawk" having a range of up to 2.5 thousand. km and capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

Vice Admiral Foggo stressed this time exercises Sea Breeze (which, in addition to the United States and NATO allies take part in Ukraine, Moldova and Sweden) are in "a few more tense geopolitical situation" in connection with the conflict in Ukraine, and the deterioration of relations with the Russia.

The commander of the 6th Fleet also said: Command of the US Navy says that sailors from different countries could approve the Black Sea for a common code of conduct, which operates in the Pacific Ocean. "Last year, Pacific countries adopted a" Code of Conduct for unplanned contact of the sea "- a sort of" gentleman's agreement "will enhance safety and strengthen mutual trust between the navies," - said Foggo.

The United States designated the military presence in the Black Sea, not only through demonstration destroyer near the coast of the Crimea. As the correspondent of the newspaper LOOK, on ​​Thursday in the Georgian port of Batumi offers equipped American-based item.

"They do not care at all"

Black Sea Fleet Commander in 1998-2002 and now head of the Duma Committee on Defense, Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov noted in comments the newspaper VIEW: when it was created task force BLACKSEAFOR, which includes all Black Sea states, there is "not in sight either North America or other non-Black Sea countries ". US Statement on the pursuit of a permanent presence in the Black Sea, he called the "attack on America, which slid off the rails, steel wings and fly." "They do not care about all that is connected with the international rules that are established without them," - said the source.

Speaking about the opening of Batumi well-equipped US-based item, Komoedov said: "Georgians, of course," Well done. " More back and let the Americans. I understand that they have finally want to go on a break. "

Russia remains "only to strengthen its position in all areas of the Black Sea", emphasized Admiral Komoedov. According to him, it is a question of the present, not the future, as they did, even when Crimea was not part of Russia, Novorossiysk, for example, built the point home for new ships being built here in Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg especially for Black Sea Fleet. "So we do not give it up, bring to mind" - said Komoedov. He recalled that with the entry of the Crimea to Russia us back bay, adapted for deployment of ships of all classes - especially in Sevastopol. "There are other ports, naval bases, the same Theodosius, and others. It will therefore be enough resources to accept new ships and submarines, "- said the parliamentarian, and stressed that" the United States in the Black Sea will always be at a party, and we'll be at home - are two big differences. "

The strongest "breeze"

In addition, the commander of the 6th US Fleet, reporting on his meeting with the Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, said that Kyiv needs to modernize its naval forces - "maybe it is the addition of new warships, as allow their budget" . Note that Yatsenyuk, speaking at the opening of the exercises Sea Breeze 2015 announced Ukrainian Navy to return to Crimea.

As the United States control the entire planet

The current "Sea Breeze" - the biggest in the history of NATO exercises. They are attended by up to 2.5 thousand. Soldiers (of which 1 thousand. Represent the US Army). In addition to the destroyer Donald Cook, the Pentagon has dispatched four warships and two submarines, aircraft and helicopters 6 and 40 units of wheeled equipment. The receiving party - the Ukrainian army - has involved one thousand. Soldiers, nine warships, a dozen patrol boats Border Service, 8 aircraft and helicopters and up to 50 units of wheeled equipment.

"The area of ​​maneuvers - water area of ​​the Black Sea, the polygons of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military airfields" School "(Odessa)," Kulbakino "(Nikolaev)," Chernobaevka "(Kherson), landing sites Tendra braids (Ochakov) and the islands Pervomajskij International Airport "Odessa" Odessa Commercial Sea Port, sea trading port "South", the military port of Ochakov (Mykolaiv region) ", - reported in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

Expedition "Cook"

The missile destroyer of the fourth generation of Donald Cook, a combat control system equipped with Aegis - a frequent guest in the Black Sea. April 8 last year, the Pentagon announced that the ship would be sent to the waters "as part of the demonstration of support for East European allies concerned about increasing Russian troops along the border between Russia and Ukraine."

Spectacular demonstration did not work - April 12, 2014 Su-24 Russian Air Force flew over the USS at a distance of about 1 km and at an altitude of about 160 meters above sea level. Reports devoted to this "counter-demonstration", claimed that a Russian plane has applied a set of electronic warfare (Crab) "Khibiny", with the result that an American ship had been forced off the radar, combat control circuits, data transmission systems. After the Aegis system was turned off, "Su-24 simulated missile attack on the blind and deaf ship, then another and another - a total of 12 times," according to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta

". The US military has not confirmed these reports (limited to the words that the Russian pilot "using standard bullying"), but how else, Donald Cook retired to the Romanian port of Constanta.

In April of the same year, the destroyer took part in the exercise, together with the Turkish Navy, and in January 2015 - in joint maneuvers with the flagship of the Ukrainian Navy frigate "Getman Sahaidachny."

"Normal presence"

Destroyers management missiles (destroyers URO) class "Arleigh Burke", which include Donald Cook, replace each other in the Black Sea with an enviable regularity. In October 2014 the destroyer Cole went to the same Romanian Constanta, at the same time the port visited the command ship of the 6th Fleet Mount Whitney. Less than a month "to improve combat readiness" of the Romanian fleet in the Black Sea arrived USS Ross.

At the end of June this year, the destroyer URO Laboon, directed to the Black Sea for the "promotion of peace and stability in the region", took part in joint exercises with the Romanian Navy corvette "Eustatiu Sebastian." The same ship entered in the Georgian port of Batumi - As reported France-Presse, «to show support for Georgia - NATO Membership"; ship held a joint training with the Coast Guard of Georgia. In July, the destroyer Laboon was replaced by Porter, who began his "tour" through the Black Sea to the Bulgarian port of call in Varna. Finally, addressing Donald Cook, Admiral James Foggo said: "We strive to make our presence in the region of normal."

Obviously, before the reunification of the Crimea with Russia Pentagon considered and Sevastopol as one of the key points of the "normal presence of" the United States in the region. Recall that in August 2008 the news of the arrival of the Sevastopol raid command ship 6th Fleet Mount Whitney provoked mass protests. Later, the ship is still entered the port, but the team failed to reach the city because of the protesters. Note that the US ambassador in Kiev Jeffrey Payet, speaking at the opening of Sea Breeze 2015 in Odessa, called the city, which is now based Ukrainian Navy, "the temporary home of the Ukrainian fleet." The head of the diplomatic mission has once again stressed that Washington considers the accession of Russia to the Crimea act "illegal annexation of the military."

Note that the naval exercises Sea Breeze (held since 1997 in the framework of bilateral cooperation between NATO and Ukraine) caused mass protests in Nikolayev and Odessa regions, often accompanied by clashes. Double maneuvers were disrupted, in particular, because of the resistance of local authorities.
"We can control and pool, and the Black Sea straits"

US desire to "constant presence in the Black Sea is contrary to an international agreement - Montreux Convention of 1936 on the status of the Black Sea straits, which limits the presence of warships of non-Black Sea countries, defines a class of ships and so on," said the newspaper LOOK military expert, chief editor of "Arsenal Fatherland "Viktor Murakhovski. He noted that "the revision of the Convention is not possible. Therefore, the United States must comply with it fully and to send their ships into the Black Sea on the basis of rotation. "

The expert explained that the item was created in the Batumi-based, rather than a military base. These berths are equipped with a supply of ships with fuel, water and other supplies.

At the same time we must admit that most of the countries that go to the Black sea basin, are NATO members Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey. "Therefore, in the military sense, for us nothing new appeared. On the contrary, in recent years we have gained a strong position there is enough due to the fact that we are now on the Crimean peninsula created interspecies self-contained group of forces - the source said. - We are their aircraft from the Crimea, in fact, anti-missile systems and can control the Straits and the Black Sea basin. "

Thus, Russia may oppose the Americans at the Black Sea, sure Murakhovski: "The United States can not keep a constant large group on the Black Sea, and only single ships. So the ships we may resist, "- said the source. He admitted that the United States is, of course, may violate the Montreux Convention, but, "and in this case we can do something to violate, for example, to block the Straits," the expert said.
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