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USA got the role of observer in the Arctic
The US government has for the first time since the Cold War analysts allocated for ongoing exploration in the Arctic region. According to unofficial information, it is an object of the Russian military. Observers call it the next stage in the preparations for the battle for the Arctic, but now Russia has a significant competitive advantage.

The United States for the first time since the end of the Cold War focus on the study of potential threats in the Arctic, writes the Los Angeles Times.

"The United States, fortunately, are not able today to increase its presence"

According to the American edition, last year US intelligence analysts identified for ongoing work on the Arctic, they all operate under the auspices of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.

It is noted that the United States rely on spy satellites that monitor the Arctic regions, and the data obtained from deep-touch monitors Navy. The newspaper also reports that US intelligence agencies are working closely with the relevant agencies of Canada and Norway.

"The efforts of US intelligence is primarily aimed at obtaining information about the Russian military construction in the northern latitudes," - he told the newspaper a source in the US intelligence community.

At the official level, Washington is doing the opposite statement: last week, the US special envoy on Arctic affairs, Admiral Robert Papp said that he sees no reason for concern in connection with the Russian military activity in the region. According to him, the United States hopes to continue cooperation with Russia on Arctic issues.

The White House in trouble

The alignment of forces and interests in the struggle for the Arctic in early September by the presence in the region, attended by US President Barack Obama said the need to accelerate the construction of new icebreakers for the US Coast Guard: "I declare the proposal to accelerate the construction of at least one additional heavy icebreakers, and work with Congress in order to create a sufficiently large fleet that will meet our economic goals and needs in the field of security, "- Obama said, speaking in Alaska.

US online edition Vocativ then led the statistics, according to which Russia is a world leader in the number of ships of this class, and the United States in this list are only the fifth place, behind as Sweden, Finland and Canada. For this reason, the US is losing the race for the Russian Arctic, the authors noted.

Preparing for the fight

Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on Defense Franz Klintsevich convinced that the moment the United States has nothing to gain a foothold in the region, so they can only watch the Russia.

"The United States, fortunately, are not able today to increase their presence, their activity, - he told the newspaper VIEW. - They have no technical capabilities. The landing of troops will only be an escalation of military tensions. When Russia conducts exercises, it is primarily to protect what has been achieved since the days of Czarist Russia and the Soviet Union. Today, no one has such an atomic icebreaker fleet, which is able to perform the tasks associated with the development of the Arctic, with the holding of goods. These are issues related to life support Russia. I do not think that the US has a chance to participate in or move to Russia. Everything connected with science, has long regulated. Let them work. "

He estimated that, even taking into account the financial and industrial capabilities United States, to create a comparable base and a Russian icebreaker fleet is required not less than ten years: "One icebreaker they built no less than ten years. We learned how to build for a term of three to five. If they both lay seven icebreakers ... I do not know, can you pull this industry, even the United States, "- MP expressed doubts.

First Vice-President of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems Konstantin Sivkov expressed a different opinion about the possibilities of the United States, "US military are people qualified. They create in the Arctic is not just a grouping of forces, - he said the newspaper VIEW. - They create a system that includes the entire complex required for combat operations - from exploration through to system deployment and technical support. They have been in the Arctic (Alaska) deployed a serious force than Russia. There are several air wings deployed series aircraft the F-15, the system is based, moreover, Alaska - one of the areas likely location of American missile submarines. In Alaska, one of the first deployed missile defense system with the appropriate intelligence and surveillance. That is a well-equipped infrastructure in relation to the region, as he was always close to the Soviet Union and then to Russia. "

"Today the United States spread the surveillance system, which was previously focused on the tasks of air defense and missile defense, combat with the forces of the Soviet fleet in the eastern part of the Arctic Ocean, on the whole region. They close the intelligence system with the system of the Pacific Atlantic exploration, building a single set of opportunities for the creation of warfare. This, of course, preparing to fight for the Arctic ", - the expert believes.

The vehicle rendezvous

The fact that the competition for control of resources in the region will grow, said in recent years. In December last year, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said that for the Arctic "unfolds a serious battle"

, But it is not beyond the virtual, though "players are serious."

The first signs can already be seen: Tuesday at the Pentagon declared that Russian intelligence ship in the Chukchi Sea, the ship approached the Nobel Discoverer, working by order of the American division of the British-Dutch oil company Royal Dutch Shell.

"We are aware of the fact that the Russian ship" Kuril Islands "was held near Nobel Discoverer», - leads Tass statement on CNN Pentagon spokesman Geoff Davis.

"We recognize the right of sovereign states to freedom of navigation in international waters," - was quoted as broadcaster. As noted, the Pentagon also said that "no defenses were not involved as a response."

The international legal status of the Arctic space is currently the subject of controversy, mainly between the US, Canada, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. In the first place it comes to accessories underwater Lomonosov and Mendeleev ridges, where, according to recent research, may contain about 12% of world oil reserves.

Russia recently strengthened its position in the Arctic and in the military-political and financial-economic terms. In particular, the structure of the Ministry of Defense Operational Command created the "North". The basis of the group was created by the Northern Fleet.

In the spring, President Putin instructed to create a unified system in the Arctic based surface ships and submarines of the new generation, to strengthen the border and create a new state agency to implement the policy of Russia in the region.
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