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USA - the instigators 2/3 of military conflicts in the world
USA - the instigators 2/3 of military conflicts in the world

Deputy defense Minister Anatoly Antonov, speaking at the first meeting of the Dialogue between the defence Ministers of South and Southeast Asia, which was held in the largest city of Sri Lanka, Colombo, has accused the U.S. of destabilizing other countries by supporting the so-called "color revolutions" and terrorist organizations on different continents. According to the Deputy Minister, this leads to armed conflict, with thousands of victims, so the United States is to abandon double standards on terrorism, that is, to cease to divide terrorists into "good" and "bad".

Antonov said that the US intervention in the Affairs of other States brings neither peace nor democracy, but, on the contrary, kindle military conflicts on a global scale. He recalled that over the past few decades, States have initiated two thirds of military conflicts in the world, citing the example of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

To incite military conflicts the U.S. play in the social and economic difficulties, ethnic and religious conflicts, using populist slogans to incite public unrest and provoke unrest, said Antonov. As a result of these actions long legitimate government, then be chaos, abuse of power and lawlessness, people die.

As an example of such a policy Antonov led Afghan Taliban, which was created with support from the United States to confront the Soviet Union, but later became the forerunner of al-Qaeda, who organized the terrorist attacks of 11 September. He also accused the U.S. in support of the coup in Kiev, in which the country found itself in the abyss of civil war with thousands of casualties.

Turning to the heads of military departments of the States of South and Southeast Asia, Antonov has called them to do everything possible to prevent in their countries supported worldwide USA "colour revolutions". They can support the militants of the Islamic state", because about 10% of them are immigrants from South-East and South Asia, and returned after the war in Iraq and Syria, they can pose a serious danger. He added that regardless of the slogans terrorists must remain outside the law.
In conclusion, Antonov said that the pretexts under which the U.S. are increasing their military presence and political influence in Asia, far - fetched. He said that under military presence is referring to nuclear aircraft carriers and strategic bombers, and under the political influence is unprecedented pressure on governments in the Asia-Pacific region to join anti-illegal sanctions.
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