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Vietnam war: facts and figures
1. The Vietnam war between the Communist North and the Pro-American South Vietnam actually began in 1955.

One of the longest armed conflicts in the modern history lasted almost 20 years until the fall of Saigon on 30 April 1975. The U.S. officially entered the war in August 1964, the last American soldier left Vietnam at the end of March 1973.

2. Between 1965 and 1975, the U.S. spent on the war in Vietnam $ 111 billion.

3. Just in hostilities participated over 2.7 million U.S. military personnel - veterans of the Vietnam war constitute almost 10% of their generation. Approximately two-thirds of Americans who fought in Vietnam were volunteers.

4. The average American soldier in Vietnam fought for 240 days in a year. A common myth that the Vietnam black soldiers were used as cannon fodder, is refuted by the statistics: 86% of the Americans killed were white, and only 12.5% of human losses amounted to Negroes.

5. U.S. casualties in this war amounted to more than 58 thousand killed and more than 300 thousand wounded. 1874 people are still missing.

6. The average age of the war dead Americans was 23 years 1 month. 61% of     those killed were under the age of 21. 11 465 of them did not live up to 20 years. Five killed in Vietnam were only 16 years old the deceased was 62 years.

7. During the fighting has killed more than 1 million soldiers of the Viet Cong who fought against the Americans and the South Vietnamese army. During the war, were also killed about 2.5 million civilians in North and South Vietnam, neighbouring Laos and Cambodia.

8. During and after the war, about 500,000 Vietnamese children were born with birth defects or genetic mutations. This was the result of the use by the US army chemical weapon Agent Orange, a mixture of defoliants and herbicides, destroying vegetation. The Americans sprayed toxic chemicals over the forests to minimize the threat of a sudden attack of North Vietnamese troops and partisans. The effects of toxic substances was subjected to a total of approximately 14% of the territory of Vietnam. Officially, the use of chemical weapons by the Americans in Vietnam was not recognized as a war crime.

 9. After the fall of Saigon almost 2.000.000 people of South Vietnam left the country, having emigrated mainly to USA, Canada, France and Australia.

10. Studies have shown that 90% of American veterans are proud of their involvement in hostilities in Vietnam. More than 70% of veterans say that even if they knew what the outcome of this war, they'd still go to war...
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