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What is happening in Ukraine?
What is happening in Ukraine?
Why on TV always talk about the truce between Kyiv and militias of Donbass and immediately report about the fighting? Was the war continues?

The truce, which was declared by Petro Poroshenko, in fact has not occurred. The parties accuse each other of violations of the ceasefire regime, continues to kill civilians. Experts believe that the "party of war" compels the President Poroshenko continue fratricidal carnage.

"Poroshenko no other choice, because to negotiate with South-East it can't, because the forces that support it, in particular the military, sharply oppose federalization. Any concessions will be considered treason. Poroshenko may be ousted in a coup in Kiev"

Last Sunday took two meetings: in Lugansk - with calls for peace in Kiev - with the requirement to enter the military situation in Donbass and to give to the soldiers of the battalion, formed from maidanova, more weapons. Mikhail Pogrebinsky, Director of the Kyiv center for political and conflict studies, believes that the battalions "Donbass", "Dnepr" and "Aydar" do not obey Poroshenko: "Formally, these guys are subordinate to the commander-in-chief, but because they get money from the budget, and supports them Kolomoisky (Governor of Dnepropetrovsk region - Ed.) their resources, they feel quite independent." Let's remind himself Kolomoisky after the announcement of the ceasefire opposed the ceasefire. It battalions continue to fight and talk on the Maidan that do not coordinate actions with the Ministry of defense.

Against the background of such a truce representatives of Kiev and Novorossia twice sit down at the negotiating table. From all the specified conditions are made only one thing: the militia was released detainees OSCE observers. Any more failed to agree. "It is clear that some people are not controlled by anyone. So I think quite expected these difficulties with the truce. But just the other way, in addition to consultations, which can then turn into negotiations in order to make joint efforts to isolate the party of war, no. I bind my hope with how seriously the state Department, in Berlin, Brussels and Moscow to what you need to grab this thread and continue to try to stop the war," says Mikhail Pogrebinsky.

Indeed, on Sunday heads of Ukraine, Russia, France and Germany 2 hours on the phone discussed the problem of realization of the peace plan in the Donbass. The press service of Kremlin has informed, that to Poroshenko was encouraged on the extension of the ceasefire. At the time of signing of this number has expired declared a truce. I hope that the President will listen to the people, and not to the militants Kolomoisky.

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