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Whether NATO would risk war with Russia?/Рискнет ли НАТО на войну с Россией?
НАТО не начнет войну с РоссиейOver the past five days, I read about fifty reports of the early third world war, the resignation of Putin, a coup in Russia and the collapse of its 100,500 unit to the principality under the protectorate of Great Ukrii and its Big Brother.

At the same time as one draws a delightful picture messages, which the whole world is drowning in chocolate and only one "unwashed Raska" - entirely - in the shit.

The sanctions thus blossom and smell, NATO policy scary goggles and threatening to pulverize "once decide that it is time", and oil still cheaper, and the dollar still expensive, and the entire economy of Russia, it contained and continues to contain more than 20 000 000 Europeans truly hate her.

But there is one fundamental difference between August 2015 and what happened in the last year for which I have indicated my St. Petersburg friends. Then there was a real fear and real panic. People Vimetal zanachek of money and goods from shops. Now, despite all the problems (most of which - man-made and are the result of the original activity of their own government) no longer panic.

There is anger on bribery and nepotism officials aversion towards the growling, barking and inspired podtyavkivayuschemu foreign countries, anxiety in relation to the prices that do not bite, but just torn to pieces, but do not panic. And turn in "Tape", in short did not. And the number of caps is not decreased.

But that has decreased, it is the amount of alcohol consumed, which is already lower than that of "our Western partners," and continues to decline. And the expectation that these partners once see the light, too, has become much smaller.

And so practically under every ballot box stuffing, beginning with the words: "NATO forces deployed at the borders of the Russian Federation and are ready ..." is necessarily present comment: "Well, when are you bastards, stop and shoot the breeze dares?" ....

I answer all at once, "Do not take the risk." For there is no one and nothing. The Germans at the thought about the "Drang nach Osten" puchat eyes and frantically shake their heads, glancing furtively at the statue in Treptow Park.

The French claim that it has enough borrowing from Russian left with ever-memorable napaleonovskih feats. And even brave zholnezhi offer themselves exclusively as a second-tier (well there to cook a hamburger, cola spilling on the flask, rob someone ...) and push in the back velikoukrov and the Baltic states, not forgetting to remind them who still belong to the ancient city of Lviv and Vilnius.

In short, the main and the only combat unit of our western partners - a legion Russian baksolyubov kakunihachuh and who are ready to sweep and the Russian government and Rossiiyu itself from day to day, that's just slezut the couch ... that only take up anything ... well, for example at yourself and then start a ... In a word, the "hawks" atakue ...
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