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Who is your God Europe?
Who is your God Europe?
In the last seven years, the European Union was tough. The situation in the economy is simply disastrous. The Eurozone is not only experiencing a decline in GDP, even more severe than during the great depression - it's dangerously close to outright deflation. Unemployment remains high everywhere except Germany. In Greece and Spain it is still more than 25%, and in Portugal, Italy and France - 10%. The forecasts also not encouraging: in 2014, growth is not expected or almost not expected, and in 2015 it is expected to be very modest. The situation seems so desperate and hopeless that such prominent economists as Tyler Cowan (Tyler Cowen), began to compare the most sclerotic European economies with de-industrialization in India in the nineteenth century.

In politics, the situation is not better. At the last European elections, held in late may, a number of unprecedented victories won skeptics and radicals of all stripes. Even The Economist, tirelessly promoting the European Union, sounded the alarm, recognizing that the former Bastion of European federalism" turns into a "springboard various antieuropeismo". In addition, the President of Hungary, Viktor Orban (Viktor Orban) almost declares war on "liberal democracy". It is a little inconvenient, because Hungary is among the organization, emphasized based on liberal-democratic ideas. As a result, the EU was in a strange position - he is forced to confront openly "illiberal" mode in its own ranks.

I guess all of the above makes it clear that the EU is barely keeps himself from falling apart. Even relatively optimistic scenario assumes a "lost" for economic growth in a decade. The inability of the European elite to effectively confront the crisis for a long time will be severely and negatively affect the professional lives of tens of millions of Europeans. Political radicalism has grown to frightening levels, and we can only guess where this may lead. In such circumstances, the EU is clearly not able to rescue anyone. Economically there is no money, but politically it does not have the will to further "expansion".

However, the Swedish foreign Minister Carl Bildt (Carl Bildt), known addiction to social networks and readiness to support Ukraine's integration into European institutions, for some reason still didn't understand. The other day he wrote on Twitter: "it is Important that Chancellor Merkel raises the question of European aid to the restoration of the Donbass. This need. Albeit expensive."

If Bildt convinced anyone in Ukraine that Europe will come to their country to help, he was brutally otherwise just do not say. The EU will not help restore the Donbass. Even if EU (read "Germany") has means (which is very doubtful), the last election showed that the enthusiasm for the project of the European Union evaporates before our eyes. German society categorically does not want to bail out even the Eurozone countries. To believe that Germany will agree to spend tens of billions of dollars for the restoration of the Eastern Ukraine, then completely ignore political reality. Do you seriously imagine that Angela Merkel amid falling to 1.5% growth forecast for the German economy in 2014 will appeal to the German society statement on the serious costs on the Ukrainian infrastructure? Such a move would be political suicide, and Merkel is clearly versed in politics to understand it.

Ukraine and its political leadership it is time to realize that whatever is said Bildt, but for the "European choice of Ukraine no one is not going to pay. Political realities in Germany and in the EU, in particular, the rapid growth of euroscepticism, such that no assistance will be. Kiev will have to plot your course and to find a way to pay the huge costs associated with restoration of the industrial centers in the East.

Who is your God?

I have to say that this post may seem provocative, especially for religious people. However, my purpose is not to give rise to disputes about God, but to think and reflect on your work in this world.
Before to talk about the Creator, we must plunge into the history and try to understand how people of the past knew God. It is from ancient times came to us the idea of the Creator, which you want to worship. Theologians argue about religion worse politicians before the election. Here and there is born a new concept explaining the behavior of our ancestors.

Who says that people of the past were primitive and in attempts to explain the phenomena of the world created the idea of the God who works wonders, someone who literally believes the Holy Scriptures, and some, such as Mages, adhere to a version of the existence of highly developed civilizations, after the death of which the remains of knowledge formed the basis of religious teachings.

But if you approach from the perspective of history (which could be a thousand times distorted), then we know that at the beginning of our civilization was polytheism. Suffice it to recall the Greek Pantheon, which originates in the Pantheon of Egyptian gods, gradually inherited the Roman civilization. The Eastern world, mainly Hinduism, also has its polytheism.

But here comes a few characters, which was destined to change the course of history. On the East was the Buddha who denied the doctrine of the gods, offering instead a middle path that leads to freedom, including freedom from the gods.

In the West, this figure was Moses. His teaching was too "new" for that time, the essence of which is that there is one God, and polytheism is misleading.

These two figures are very important for understanding our history and what is happening now in the world. And if we look closely at our civilization, we can see that the Buddha lost to Moses. Buddhism, which is very attractive for Western man, takes up very little space in the management of the existing System. The idea of liberation settled in Tibet and India, Thailand and several other countries. And from the point of view of the economy is poor countries that have too little political influence.

The Western God is the same everywhere. In the most powerful States in the minds of most people on the planet. Even in countries where the state religion is Buddhism, the Western God is also present monetizing the feelings of believers, most of whom do not understand the way of the Buddha and practice and pray to him as a deity.

What is this Western God and where does it come from? This is the God Yahweh, who gave the law to Moses and allowed him to perform miracles. Many people may argue that the Western world is the Christian world, but why does the Bible, which is the main source of Christianity contains the old Testament? And why, if the Western world worships Christ as God, total most of the resources and political power is concentrated in the hands of the Jews?

If you read the Torah, we will see that this is pure Channeling (from the English. channel - the channel). That is, Moses was a channel, steep channel, and came into contact with some consciousness, through which Moses worked miracles and passed the Law for "his" people. It is important to understand that these people are "chosen"!!! Probably similar to the divine is every people, every nation, then why does the Western God has conquered all other gods?

There is this film, "clash of the titans". The film is full...but the idea is wonderful there. The gods of Olympus, Zeus and his cronies are weak, because people cease to worship them. It is really so. If you fail to honor God, his influence on the world weakens. Those who have read Zeland Transurfing remember, what is the disappearance of the Pendulum.

Therefore, the power of God depends on nested in his energy. This is done through the practice of believers. And here is the question: who practiced the most? Which religion is the most ritualized?
This is Judaism.

Practice of the Jews is the daily adherence to the Law. And now for more than two millennia, these guys are practicing Law. As a result, there was obtained such an egregore, which acts on all Jews, even if they are Christians or atheists (act of God is transmitted through the blood, and the Jews the most neat people in this sense. They banned incest).

Other religion, Christianity, is defeated on all fronts. Catholicism in the West more like worshipping a Golden calf. Our Orthodoxy, as a practical system is weak. The priests are concerned about their own power and the only one who truly nourish Christian egregore is black monks, about which neither sleep nor spirit, but they really practice.

Practice - there is nothing like trying to establish contact with God and become his guide here on Earth. Why all the religions say that we should praise God? And what is fame? The more one practices, the stronger the relationship with God. God supplies the individual with his qualities and radiance of this practice is the glory of God. Finding such people in the society distributes the influence of the Lord to other people. As a result, all stand in a row, what makes people strong and invincible.

A few days ago I created a poll in the group, about who God is in understanding people. The answers were different. From the fact that God is love, to describe its complex terms, which now abounds in the esoteric literature. Yes, sounds nice, when we say that God is the source, the higher mind consciousness system, Creator, love. And someone calls God the "I" and it is understandable.
But I have a question: what is the name of your God?

At all times the names of God were the key to practice. When in prayer, the man turns to God by name, it tries to invoke this power on himself. From the perspective of magic, the name of God is the command code, the gateway through which consciousness is connected to the egregore. The name is hard to think of yourself, it can only be heard in the moment of contact. Hence the role of the prophets who heard these names and created on the basis of their practices (rituals), which moved into teaching. And each tradition has a name. In Judaism, Yahweh, in Islam Allah, in Christianity, Jesus Christ, in Hinduism, Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, originating in the source - Krishna.

There are prophets, praying that one is also included in the channel through their names, which is practiced in Orthodoxy through the icons of the saints.

The name is the key, the password from the server if you want. The name contains the principle, the principle is expressed in the ritual (practice), the practice creates a way of life, way of life creates a relationship with God (yoga), the relationship with God gives man His qualities, qualities the person possesses the power, which he shares with others, uniting all under one wing.

Why I started this conversation... the Reason this article was the same situation in Ukraine. We see how the Western God is trying to invade our country. All these graters in the political arena just say one thing - not all-we even went under the Western God.
When Europe was already bathed in blood in the distant past on Earth danced and sang songs. Our ancestors were sober, healthy, strong, selfless and peaceful. When the Western world came to us to shed blood, he got kicked and went back.

Even today, living by Western standards, dressing in Western clothes, using Western technology, something there is that does not belong to the Western God. And that, apparently, it infuriates.

When I wrote about America, many in their comments condemned me almost foaming at the mouth, proving that life there is better. And in Russia, just shit. I'm not mad friends say it's not you, and the Western God through you. But if you look in the old Testament and carefully read about God, then you will see that it leads all to the slaughter, sacrificing for the sake of your greatness. Isn't this happening in the world today? Isn't this occurs throughout the history of Europe? Continuous war. The victim of the great Yahweh.

But something in Russia resists this system. We can say that it is propaganda that we have inherited from the times of the Soviet Union, but in fact, somewhere deep inside we feel that God is something wrong. And I see that Wake up other Gods, which will uplift on the podium is not the sound of coins (the numerical value of the name YHWH to 75% indicates material wealth), but personal qualities, which was famous during all times of the Russian land.

The Buddha way is beautiful, but this is the path of inactivity. Though you become free, but the sacrificial altar, resembling the slaughterhouse has not been canceled.

I soberly treat myself. I would love to become a free and enlightened and to walk with a person's face does not touch anything in this world. But I know that my purpose is not related to me and I can't close in a room and meditate until the enlightenment. I feel that I have a role to play in society. And I play. Freedom will have to wait. In the meantime, I want to become a part of history that is happening before our eyes.

And the last one. Anyone who likes Western God and his gifts, not wear the country that gave birth to you. If you are a Russian man, at least be silent, even if you don't like your homeland. But he who feels love for his native land - glorify it. Russian Gods Wake up. And soon we will hear their Names.

Note: I am aware that my perception is not perfect. This is only a summary of the current position, which may not coincide with the true state of Affairs.

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