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Why America Ukraine
Lack of understanding of the threats causing them to automatically deploy in the regional and then world war. Submitted by the international media, the image of this war as a struggle of the Ukrainian authorities for the integrity of the country as far from her mind, the image of Hitler's propaganda attack on Poland as protect Germany from the Polish aggression. Slightly deeper given interpretation of this war in the Russian media as the resistance of the population of Donbass Nazi junta, unlawfully seized power in Kiev.

Meanwhile, without an understanding of the causes and driving forces of armed conflict can not be stopped. This proves the futility conducted before negotiations on the cessation of violence and the resolution of the Ukrainian crisis. It would seem that all parties should be interested in the cessation of hostilities in the Donbass. This is to the detriment of Russia, Ukraine, the Donbas and threaten Europe. But never the Western side has not fulfilled its obligations. A customary result of all negotiations is direct fraud by the U.S. and its Kiev stooges using the negotiations for the blind and disorientation partners.

Negotiations as a fraud

At the beginning of senior U.S. and European officials, having lulled the vigilance of Yanukovych persuasion on the non-use of force, pushed the Nazis to his violent overthrow and brought to power its puppet government. Then they began to convince Putin not to use force,set at the same time controlled the junta's crackdown against the Russian population of Ukraine. Immediately after reaching agreement on the disarmament of illegal formations and the beginning of the national dialogue Vice-President of the USA Biden arrives in Kyiv to support the actions of the junta, after which it will begin punitive operation of the Ukrainian army against Donbass resistance. Infinitely reassuring Russian President commitment to peace and calling for an end to the violence, the US and the EU has consistently supported the strengthening of terror Ukrainian military against the population Donbassaero this has cost Russia to go towards the arrangements of de-escalation of the conflict and to withdraw troops from the Ukrainian border, the Nazi dictatorship was sharply increasing its military forces in the conflict zone and started using aviation and armored vehicles against the population of Donbass.

The evidence suggests that the Americans used the negotiations only to mislead partners.

Posing as peacekeepers and human rights defenders, in reality they are paving the way for the violent seizure of power to the Nazis, which is then supported in legalization of their fighters on military service and pushed on the use of the army against the Russian population. This is controlled by the Americans and their proteges media throughout accuse Russia diligently making of it the image of enemy for Ukraine and the Scarecrow for Europe. Vicious lies and hysterical Russophobia Ukrainian and leading world channels leave no doubt that we are dealing with military propaganda machine, repressive all objective journalists and imposing the population of the state of anti-Russian hysteria.

From this analysis it follows that the US from the very beginning of the crisis in Ukraine is steadily follow the strategy blow the conflict in the Ukrainian-Russian war, justifying all the crimes of the Nazi junta, financing and arming it, covering diplomatically and forcing its European allies to do the same. The question arises, why do they do it?

Certainly not for the sake of Ukraine, which are being pushed this war to divide, humanitarian and economic disaster. And certainly not from abstract the purpose of the protection of democratic rights and freedoms on a daily basis that blatantly violated the Nazi dictatorship, committing mass murder of its citizens.

As may be seen from the rhetoric and actions of American politicians and officials, this war is unfolding of the US against Russia, in which the Nazi junta is no more than an instrument in the hands of the American leadership and the people of Ukraine are used as "cannon fodder" and at the same time victims of Russian "aggression".

The immediate goal of this war is the separation of Ukraine from Russia that as a major geopolitical tasks of the West put another Bismarck, and in modern conditions - Brzezinski.

His Russophobic formula that without Ukraine, Russia cannot be a great power, has become the guiding theme for the American policy in the post-Soviet space. For this purpose the US were all two decades after the Soviet collapse, spending on the growing anti-Russian political elite in Kyiv, according to assistant Secretary of state Nuland, more than 5 billion dollars.

According to the idea of NATO strategists separation of Ukraine from Russia should be issued by the subordination of Ukraine to the European Union in the form of Association, whereby Kyiv gives the sovereign rights of Ukraine in the sphere of regulation of foreign economic activity, conducting foreign and defense policy, Brussels. The Yanukovych's refusal to sign the Association Agreement was perceived by the US as the output of the Ukrainian leadership of subordination and as the threat of renewed natural process of restoration of the single economic space with Russia. To prevent Ukraine's accession to the Customs Union with Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan and the return of Ukraine on the path of European integration, in fact, was organized a coup, immediately after which EU leaders have rushed to sign with the illegitimate Nazi junta contradicts the Ukrainian Constitution, the Agreement on Association in political part. Immediately after the proclamation Poroshenko President he declared readiness to sign the Association Agreement in full, despite its incompatibility with the Basic law and with the national interests of Ukraine.

However, as shown by today's U.S. action alone transition of Ukraine under the jurisdiction of the EU in the framework imposed by the Kiev Association Agreement is not enough for them. They want to push Ukraine with Russia in the military conflict and to involve in this conflict the European Union. Forcing a subordinate them Nazi junta to conduct a full-scale war in the Donbass region, the US is creating in the center of Europe expanding the funnel chaos, which aims at the involvement in a fratricidal conflict first Russia, and then and neighbouring European countries. This is done not only to weaken Russia, but also to the deterioration of the conditions of the European Union.

War is the source of rising U.S.

Historical experience shows that the war in Europe were the most important source of economic growth and political power Aposelene became a superpower as the First and Second world wars, which led to huge capital outflows and minds of the warring European countries in America.

The third world war, the remaining cold, ended with the fall of the socialist system, which gave US the influx of over a trillion dollars, hundreds of thousands of people, tons of plutonium and other valuable materials, a variety of unique technologies.

All these wars were triggered with the active participation of American "fifth column" in the face controlled, financed and supported by the American special services spies, oligarchs, diplomats, officials, businessmen, experts and public figures. Today, faced with economic difficulties, the US is trying to untie Europe's next war to achieve the following objectives.

First, the accused Russia of aggression allows to introduce financial sanctions with the purpose of freezing (write-off) of the American obligations to Russian structures in the amount of several hundreds of billions of dollars to ease the exorbitant debt burden of the United States.

Secondly, the freezing of Russian assets in dollars and Euro will result in the inability of their owners to service its obligations to mainly European banks that will create the last serious difficulties lead to bankruptcy of some of them. Destabilization of the European banking system will stimulate the outflow of capital in the US to support the dollar pyramid their debt obligations.

Third, sanctions against Russia would harm EU countries in the amount of approximately one billion euros, which will worsen and without that poor state of the European economy will weaken its position in the competition with the US.

Fourth, sanctions against Russia facilitate the displacement of the European market for Russian gas with the purpose of replacement of the American shale. The same applies to the multi-billion dollar Eastern European market of fuel elements for nuclear power plants, which are technologically oriented to deliveries from Russia.

Fifth, the involvement of European countries in the war with Russia will enhance their political dependence on the US, which will facilitate last task of imposing EU free trade area on best USA conditions.

Sixth, the war in Europe gives rise to increase of military spending in the interests of the military-industrial complex of the USA.

The US itself from razvjazyvanii them a new war in Europe almost nothing to lose. Unlike European countries, with Russia they trade a little, and their markets are almost do not depend on Russian supplies. As in other European wars, they will be a net winner.

Thus, set the Nazi dictatorship in Russia, USA risk nothing and probably win.

The American advisers impose its Kiev actors for the use of the most brutal towards the population of weapons: explosive, fragmentation shells, cluster bombs, min

After all, the more victims, the higher expectations of the Russian military intervention to protect the Russian population, the higher the risk of a new European war, and the more American win. This benefit is not measured only in money. The main prize, for which the U.S. provoke a new world war, is the preservation of world domination in the global structural changes, caused by the change of technological modes.

Studies show that in such periods of global technological shifts advanced countries it is difficult to maintain leadership, as on a wave of growth of a new technological way forward lunge developing countries that have succeeded in the preparation conditions of its formation. In contrast to advanced countries facing a crisis of over-accumulation of capital in an obsolete production facilities, they have the opportunity to avoid massive devaluation of capital and to concentrate it on breakthrough directions of growth.

To maintain the lead in advanced countries will have to resort to violent methods in the foreign and foreign economic political these periods sharply increased military-political tensions, threats of international conflicts. This is evidenced by the tragic experience of the previous two structural crisis of the world economy.

So, the Great depression of the 30-ies of the limits to growth prevailed in the beginning of the century technological structure "coal and steel", was overcome by the militarization of the economy, which resulted in the catastrophe of the Second world war. The latter not only stimulated structural reorganization of the economy with extensive use of internal combustion engine and organic chemistry, but caused a radical change of the entire world order: the destruction then the kernel of the global economic system (European colonial empires) and the formation of two opposing global political and economic systems. The leadership of American capitalism in entering a new long wave of economic growth was ensured by an extraordinary growth of defense orders on the development of new technologies and the influx of world capital in the United States in the destruction of productive capacity and the impairment of the capital's major competitors.

Depression mid 70's - early 80-ies resulted in an arms race in space-rocket sphere with a wide use of information and communication technologies that formed the core of the new technological order. Following her collapse of the world system of socialism that failed to timely move the economy to a new technological level, allowed the leading capitalist countries use the resources of the former socialist countries for "soft transplantation" on a new long wave of economic growth. The export of capital and brain drain from former socialist countries, the colonization of their economies facilitated structural reorganization of the economy of the countries of the kernel of the world capitalist system, before that stimulated the formation of a new technological way through the deployment of an arms race in space. On the same wave of growth of a new technological structure went up new industrial countries, managed to advance to create its key production and to lay the foundations of their fast growth on a global scale. The political result was a liberal globalization is dominated by the US as the Issuer's main reserve currency.

Divide and conquer

The exhaustion of the growth potential of the dominant technological structure was the cause of the global crisis and the depression gripped the world's leading countries in recent years. The output from this happens on a wave of growth of a new technological structure, which is based on the complex nano-and biotehnologii, although the main application of these technologies is not connected with the production of military equipment, arms race and increase military spending usual way is the leading way of state stimulation of development of the new technological structure.

The fact that the liberal ideology that dominates in the ruling circles of the USA and their NATO allies, does not leave for a state other reasons for the expansion of intervention in the economy, in addition to defense needs. Therefore, faced with the need of the use of public demand to stimulate growth of new technological structure, business leaders resort to the escalation of military-political tensions as the main way of increasing government procurement of advanced technology.

It is in this perspective should be considered the cause of promotion Washington flywheel war on Ukraine, which is not the goal, but a tool for the implementation of the global conservation dominating influence of the USA in the world.

Along with the structural crisis of the world economy, caused by the change of the dominant technological structures, currently there is a transition to a new age-old cycle of accumulation of capital, which increases the risks unleashing world war. Previous transition from colonial empires of European countries to global corporations as the leading forms of the organisation of the world economy went through unleashing three world wars, the outcome of which was accompanied by radical changes in the world political structure. In the result of the First world war collapsed monarchy, have constrained the expansion of national capital. In the Second collapsed colonial Empire, which restricted the international movement of capital. With the collapse of the USSR due to third - cold - world war II free movement of capital has covered the whole world, and transnational corporations received at the disposal of the entire world economy.

But the story does not end there. Human development requires new forms of organization of the global economy, which would ensure sustainable development and reflection of the planetary threats, including environmental and space. In the conditions of liberal globalization, built interests of transnational mainly Anglo-American, corporations, these challenges to the mankind remain unanswered. An objectively emerging the need to curb global oligarchy and organize the movements of global capital is achieved in the East Asian model of organization of the modern economy.

With the rise of China, India and Vietnam after Japan and Korea the most thoughtful researchers are talking about the transition from the Anglo-American to Asian age-old cycle of capital accumulation.

In the light of the above global change, it is clear that the struggle for global leadership takes place between the US and China, in which the US to maintain its dominance play their usual scenario unleashing world war in Europe, trying once again at the expense of the Old world to strengthen its position in the world. To do this, they use the old English geopolitical principle of "divide and rule", raising the subconscious Russophobia political elites of the European countries and by relying on traditional "Drang not Austen". However, following the precepts of Bismarck and advice Brzezinski, as the main line they use Ukraine, relying on the one hand, the weakening and aggressive reaction of Russia, and with another - to consolidate the European States in their traditional commitment to the colonization of the Ukrainian lands.

The calculation of the American geopoliticians seems accurate, but the actions are unmistakable. For six months they spent blitzkrieg, actually occupied Ukraine and subordinating the EU anti-Russian hysteria. It is already paid for by assigning a part of the Ukrainian assets and a half billion dollars spent on the organization of a coup d'etat and bring to power its puppet government with relative legitimization of its agent as President of Ukraine. Russia managed to save the country from the occupation of the us-Nazi regime only the Crimea, and bleeding Donbass becomes chronic area of armed conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Last, as it seems to American puppeteers, they are lured into a political trap.

The use of the Russian army for the liberation of Donbass guarantees the involvement in the war against Russia, the EU and NATO. Non-use of force to coerce the Nazi junta to peace will entail the creation of a growing funnel chaos in the centre of Europe, which already has internationalized, becoming a source of destabilization of Russia.

The deployment of regional and possibly global war on favorable U.S. circumstances, it seems inevitable. Russia is doomed to a heavy defeat due to already established loss of Ukraine, first, and consolidation of all developed countries of the world, including together with NATO allies, Japan and Korea, secondly. According to the plan of the American geopoliticians the defeat of Russia shall be subject to return it under American control, as it was under Yeltsin, and the weakening of the European economic subordination, by creating a transatlantic free trade area on American terms. Thus Washington hopes to strengthen its position and to maintain global dominance in competition with the rising China.

In this "iron" and cynical logic is, however, a miscalculation. Acting on the basis of the archetypes of European geopolitics of two centuries ago, the Americans raised the dead bodies of EvroFarish and built in Kyiv political Frankenstein began to consume their parents. The first scheduled victim was Yanukovych and his aides brought Ukrainian Nazis as sparring partners. The next victim became lost the elections to the European Parliament, European politicians who supported the coup. Kiev Frankenstein is close to his mother - Ashton and may soon reach their Pope - Obama. He needs only to help you find your way.

To stop the war, it is necessary to terminate the driving her forces. At this stage of the war takes place mainly in economic, information and political planes. When all the power of the U.S. economic supremacy is based on the financial pyramid of debt, which has long gone beyond the limits of sustainability. For the collapse of the major creditors of the USA enough to throw out on the market accumulated U.S. dollar and Treasury bonds. Of course, the collapse of the US financial system will result in a serious loss of all holders of American currency and securities. But, first, these losses for Russia, Europe and China will be less than the damage from razvjazyvanii American geopolitics another world war. Secondly, the earlier you get out of financial pyramids American commitment, the lower the losses. Third, the collapse of the dollar financial pyramid will finally give the possibility to reform the world financial system on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.

U.S. dominance in the information sphere is a key factor zombie Europeans subjecting thus influence the political leadership of the European countries. But, as said Alexander Nevsky, God is not in force, but in truth. The flow of lies and falsifications, broadcast controlled U.S. world media, we must counter the objective flow of information through social networks, regional, and national television. This, of course, will require effort. But with a little creativity truth will break, since the threat of a new world war scares every person and, ultimately, stimulates the search of its reasons.

Public subconscious European Nations, especially the people of Ukraine, will quickly remember the horrors of the last war with proper formation of an associative array of modern and real fascists and their accomplices.

Grown American geopolitics Frankenstein looks no better than the Nazi stormtroopers, objective presentation of information about Ukrainian Nazis will quickly cause a feeling of disgust and fright from the European citizen.

Finally, the U.S. dominance in world politics is based more on the tradition of their allies to obey "Washington obkom"than the real dependence of the European and Japanese politicians U.S. residency. As soon as you start to fall apart dollar Ponzi scheme, Americans will have nothing to pay for the maintenance of its military bases and the global media. Germany and Japan will be able to free themselves from the oppressive feeling of the occupied territories.

Of course, you should not portray the U.S. as a "colossus on clay legs". In the hands of the American geopoliticians weapons of mass destruction, capable to destroy all mankind.

And when the lady from the White house praised the Ukrainian Nazis for "reserved" the use of force, the world covers the horror of irresponsible nonsense and bravado of the owners of the White house, are capable for the sake of personal image destroy pocelovala.

These intentions of the USA already demonstrated when presidents Eisenhower, Truman, who wanted to throw atomic bombs Korea; Kennedy, who almost started a nuclear war with the Soviet Union; under Reagan, who threatened star wars.

The current situation is, however, different from the cold war that the American administration does not regard Russia as an equal opponent, trying to get us in a defeatist state under Yeltsin. The American advisers both present and past of the Ukrainian leadership always urged the latest in its total superiority over Russia, which was represented as the American dominion. Intoxicated with the collapse of the Soviet Union, American geopolitics consider Russia their rebellious colony that needs to pacify forever as an integral part of his Empire. They come from failing of Russia in conditions of the global isolation, obviously overestimating the degree of its influence. This re-assessment of their capabilities brings American geopoliticians, on the one hand, gives rise to the sense of impunity and all-permissiveness, creating the risk of a global catastrophe. But, on the other hand, it is the source of their weakness when faced with a real resistance to which they are morally and politically is not ready.

So resolute actions of the Russian leadership to counter the us-Georgian aggression in South Ossetia, as well as the salvation of the Crimean population from genocide on the part of the grown USA Ukrainian Nazis had left them chances to win. Faced with strong resistance Assad, the US and its European allies failed to occupy Syria. They won only where the victim could not have a real resistance in force or demoralization and betrayal of the ruling elite, as in Iraq or Yugoslavia, or total superiority of forces of the aggressor, as it was in Libya.

The national instinct of self-preservation inherent in GDP, puts a hard limit any foreign interference in the conduct of Russian politics. Attempts to intimidate its sanctions, international isolation, or endorsement of the opposition's success will not have. As well as the sanctions or isolation from the West due to the global values of Russia and its multi-vector foreign policy. Unfortunately, the Nobel peace prize winner Obama does not understand. He goes on about the reactionary forces seeking easy neocolonization Russia and naively convinced in the eternal domination of America.

Based on the fact that the armed conflict in Ukraine is the prologue of the next world war, razvjazyvanii USA against Russia in order to hold world domination, for its relief and achieve Victory, you must build the right system of coordinates and accurately determine the actions of all participants. Field of hostilities has the following configuration:

- The US is a country-aggressor, provoking world war to retain world domination;

a provocation world war is waged against Russia, which the US is trying to present as an aggressor in order to consolidate the Western world to defend American interests;

- American geopolitics bet on growing rusofobstvom Ukrainian Nazism in the continuation of the German and English traditions of weakening Russia;

- Ukraine occupied the U.S. via an organized their coup d'etat and the establishment under their control Nazi dictatorship;

European countries are forced to participate in the war against Russia contrary to their national interests.

On this basis, we must evaluate the Resistance of Donbass as a movement in defense of not only the local population from Nazi junta, but in Russian protection against American aggression, as well as all over the world - from the fourth world war.

Militia fighters Donbass are the defenders of the Russian world, not on their own find themselves at the forefront of a new world war. A city with a symbolic name, Slavyansk has become a symbol of the heroic defense. As the Brest fortress, this small city confronts many times superior forces of eurofashion the price of life of its inhabitants. They die not only for Donbass, they perish for all the people of the Russian world and humanity, saving us from a new world war. They spare the life of Ukrainian servicemen, released on the will of the prisoners sent to the slaughter of the Nazi dictatorship.

With all the heroism of soldiers of the people's army of Donbass themselves to stop world war they can't. Military intervention of Russia could change the situation and to stop the aggression of Nazi junta. But its result will simultaneously serve involvement in the conflict, NATO, which would entail its internationalization and will be another step to the outbreak of world war II. In order to stop it, you need to create a broad international coalition of countries capable of concerted action to stop the us aggression.

These actions should be aimed at undermining American military-political power, based on the emissions of the dollar as the world currency.

First of all they should include the rejection of the use of the dollar in mutual trade and dollar denominated securities for placement of currency reserves. Dollar instruments should be evaluated as extremely risky, and their use is to require maximum redundancy.

Along with measures to undermine U.S. capability to Finance the growth of military expenditures necessary political efforts on the formation of a broad anti-war coalition to condemn the American aggression and exposing its organizers in Washington and Brussels. Of particular importance is the political activation of the European business, which provoke another war in Europe does not promise anything good.

And of course, the most important task is the liberation of Ukraine from the established U.S. Nazi regimeaa Novorossia liberated from the us-Nazi occupation of the territory is only part of this work. It can be considered complete only after the liberation of Kiev by the people of Ukraine, who must awaken from the Nazi nightmare and support in the struggle to return to the bosom of the Russian world. This requires extensive work on the clarification of the true goals of Pro-Nazi junta, which uses fooled by Nazi propaganda citizens of Ukraine as sacrifices to God world war.
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