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Why the Netherlands to classify the crash of Boeing?/Почему Голландия засекретила результаты крушения Боинга?
Боинг на УкраинеAccording to the Dutch press today, in its response to the request of the publication RTL Nieuws declassify documents on the collapse of "Boeing" of Donetsk security minister of the Netherlands Ard van der Ster refused.

According to him, the secrecy of the case is more important than the interests of the citizens of the state.

So - we are seeing a continuation of the extremely instructive global media experiment.

A number of states, including the Netherlands, on the one hand - does require the organization as much as the whole of the international tribunal for "Boeing" (the provisions of which, we recall, is not reduced to the investigation of the circumstances of the crash and to "bring to justice armed groups in the territory and their suppliers "ie, People's Republic and the Russian Federation).

On the other hand - the same Netherlands rigidly cling to the secrecy of the investigation.

It comes to comedic: at the beginning of the year, as we recall, a number of documents on Boeing was "declassified." That is, it was released a few third-rate securities, such as passenger lists, and the thickly painted black censorship strips.

And with the third party - that after one, then through another mediaschel takes another sensation, which has no content, but in the end turns into an accusation Russia.

For example, August 11 Dutch Safety Board issued a short reference: "The Council, in cooperation with the Committee of Inquiry to study some part, perhaps derived from missile system Buk. The parts obtained during the previous mission in eastern Ukraine, and at the disposal of the Council."

On the same day in the western - and after them, and the world - media sensation appeared with headlines such as in Bi-BBC: "Flight MH17: Russian missiles on the part of Ukrainian crash site." For obvious reasons that were given to the investigators of the "pro-Russian militants" that missile systems "Buk" in service of the Kiev forces and other trifles - in sensations omitted. The reader is inserted into the brain is another convincing proof: Boeing shot down Russian.

There is reason to believe that this media operation of our Western opponents will carry more years.
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