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12.07.14. 02:45. Message from Igor I. Strelkova
12.07.14. 02:45. Message from Igor I. Strelkova. "We have five hundred people naked and Newbury at the moment... And their number is growing with each refill - that is, every day." P.S. due To the increased number of volunteers, the militia lack of clothing and footwear. We ask all concerned in any way be taken to militia any outfit (amiss even worn, "Berezka", "Afghan girl" and even any hunting camouflage) and any shoes that are suitable for the conduct of hostilities (ankle boots, military field boots). 11.07.14. A message from the "Slavic" militiaman. "On the first day after his arrival in Donetsk, we are on the order Strelkova started to patrol the city, and for violation of public order during curfew was detained 50 people, in the second - already 30. That is, drunken hooligans and other criminals is much less. And honest people have nothing to fear. Honest people in the hour of the night don't go drunk on dark streets, and don't hit the shops. We have plans to restrict the sale of alcohol. Drinking at all times, and especially in time of war, is a source of crime, and this is well understood in the militia, living according to the norms of sobriety." RCDS suspects in the murder of Anatoly Clana Colonel of the Ukrainian army TFR suspects in the murder of operator Clana Colonel of the Ukrainian army to Melamine. This was stated by the official representative office Vladimir Markin. Murder of civilians in the Ukraine also suspected corps commander "North" and the heads of the battalions "Azov", "Aydar", "Dnepr" and "Donbass". 68-year-old cameraman of the First channel Anatoly Clan was killed Kiev military in Donetsk near one of the units. The investigative Committee of Russia opened on the fact of a criminal case. "In the investigation of criminal case on the fact of application of prohibited means and methods of warfare of IC Russia has done a lot of work, which resulted in the new suspects involved in not only killing and bombing of civilians in the South-East of Ukraine, but also to the murder of Russian citizens. In particular, in the murder of cameraman of the First channel Anatoly Clan suspected commander of division of the Donetsk anti-aircraft missile regiment Colonel Malaman, which, according to the investigation, personally gave the order to shoot to kill on civilians, in the result of which was killed Anatoly Clan. Also, according to the investigation, to conduct punitive operations against civilians involved in the chiefs of army aviation of Ukraine Pistruga, Slipchenko, as well as the commander of the operative housing "North" Kolesnik, commander of the 51st separate mechanized brigade jackow, the commander of the artillery group Papchenko, the pilots of the Armed forces of Ukraine Mamchur, Pogorely, Alimpiev and Ishchenko, and the commanders and the leaders of the battalions "Azov", "Aydar", "Dnepr", "Donbass" Spar, Gonchar, Melnichuk, Birch, Semenchenko and a number of other persons from among the commanders of the composition of the Armed forces of Ukraine, heads and members of the "National guard" and "Right sector". In the framework of the investigation-operational actions will be taken all necessary measures to establish the whereabouts of these individuals and conduct with them, as with the accused on this case Savchenko, further investigation. We have a strong belief that no one involved in punitive operations on the South-East of Ukraine, including the killings of Russian citizens, must not and will not walk away from responsibility. And those who are involved in this, from artists and ending with the customers must know about it". Head of V.I. Markin, the Hryvnia will not accept in Belarus, the national Bank of Belarus of 10 July, allowed banks not to take the population of cash hryvnia. The resolution is valid until 1 January 2015, reports TUT.BY with reference to a source in banking circles. According to a source, such measures are connected with an extremely difficult political situation in Ukraine. He noted that serious problems exist in the financial sphere, so it is impossible to predict the rate of devaluation of the Ukrainian currency. "Against this background, in the border regions of Belarus there was the great offer of the hryvnia. Citizens bought Belarusian rubles, foreign currency, goods. The proposal of the hryvnia was significantly higher demand," the source said. As a result, banks were surplus quickly devalviruemyj UAH (from the beginning of year it has depreciated by 46%). According to experts, the decision of the national Bank will help to prevent the deterioration of the financial situation of Belarusian banks. 11.07.14. 22:13 overview of the military situation at the end of the last day 21:00 (GMT) On Mnogoboryu towards Ilovaisk moves technique ukrepov, audible hum. 21:45 (Moscow time) at Approximately the area between the Kirov and Yampol was a 20-minute fight with the use of alternative civil service and automatic weapons. 21:55 (Moscow time) From Zakatnogo (Curve Luke) in the direction of Yampol worked MLRS of ukrepov. Online map, drawn up on the basis of information received from the staff of the militia. Status at 15:00 11.07.14. 18:40 (Moscow time) the Aircraft of the Ukrainian air force fired missiles on, Dzerzhinsk (DND). Rockets hit through the cemetery, and management of mine №8. A splinter hit transformer box and gas pipe. The city was partially deprived of electricity. Information about casualties yet. 19:05 (MSK) Ilovaisky battle ensued, intensive fire from automatic weapons and KPVT from Grigoryevka. 19:15 (GMT) Attack on Lisichansk and Severodonetsk of ukrow continues - there are fights in C. Belogorodka. In C. zaytsevo (near Kiev) beat guards, Pruszcz of Artyomovsk. About 15:00 (MSK) ukry took CPR Red Partisans (LNR), were fired from Zelenka. There are fights in area C. Zolotarevka. With lunch ukry shelled residential houses in the area, the broad Stone (LNR). In the morning around 11:00 (MSK) ukry bombed the recreation center in the village of Novospasskoe (Gorlovka, DND). Part of shells and bombs hit by gardens and local cemetery, injured several bystanders. In the Luhansk oblast militia had shot down a military plane In the town of Perevalsk (Luhansk region) militia had shot down a military plane, presumably attack. ITAR-TASS was informed in the press-service declared Lugansk national Republic (LNR). Press-conference of the Head LNR Valery Bolotov. In Zelenopole destroyed Ukrainian column, a large number of wounded and killed on July 11 at 5 am about Zelenopole (LNR) militia of "Grad" fired Ukrainian troops from 24 motorized brigade (Lviv region). A large number of dead and wounded. Connection broken relationship. Igor Ivanovich Shooters, defense Minister DND has confirmed this information: "I Confirm. Column defeated "stuff". The Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine: the militiamen killed in Friday, 30 security forces near the city of Lugansk near the village of Zelenopole Sverdlovsk region Lugansk region on Friday morning, killing about 30 people. About it at the briefing said the Advisor of the head of the interior Ministry of Ukraine Zoryan Shkiriak. Poroshenko promises for each victim of the military to kill hundreds of militia President of Ukraine said this at today's meeting with law enforcers. His words published on the official website of the head of state. According to Poroshenko, no one will escape responsibility for the life of each military militias will pay tens and hundreds of their lives, said the President. Kyiv plans to restore the Donbass due to European donors, the Minister of infrastructure of Ukraine Maxim Burbak said that the recovery of war-torn Donbass money in the state budget is not, therefore, have to ask for help from European donors. Burbak noted that the Ukrainian authorities hope that European countries will Finance all the reconstruction work. The Minister recalled that Germany has already pledged Ukraine assistance. According to the calculations of Bourbaki, only through his Agency costs will exceed one billion UAH. Let's remind, on the eve of Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that it went hot and cold, when he learned what it will lead to the restoration of the destroyed cities. According to him, only the rehabilitation of urban infrastructure will cost $700 million of the NSDC of Ukraine accuses Russian journalists staged in the filming of the Council of national security and defense of Ukraine accuses Russian journalists that they organize a seemingly staged the shooting of hostilities, where militiamen claim of the Ukrainian military, said Friday at a briefing speaker of the Council Andrey Lysenko. "Rotten in Ukraine began the war of the oligarchs" (video-on July 11 at the information centre of the South-Eastern front" held a Skype-inclusion from Kiev with participation of the chief editor of "Kyiv Telegraph" Vladimir Skachko. Vladimir Skachko said that "Ukraine began quite natural and predictable vnutrivlagalischnye disassembly. In other words - the war for survival. Kolomoisky challenged Poroshenko. Actually, he announced an ultimatum Poroshenko: "If you don't want me to touch all shall be well, not war". In fact this is an invitation to share the entire capital of Ukraine for two. Such is the nature of oligarchic capital. So they've always done. Came to power people that Ukraine is not required. They are only interested in the business. Even Kuchma was a politician more literate. What is happening now in Ukraine is mass psychosis. This is stupid and mindless patriotism. To end it all when Kiev will feel all changes in their pockets. And this to happen very soon - in the autumn" In Donetsk Central Department store of a terrorist attack, detained a suspect Yesterday, July 11, at 17:10 (Kiev), 18:10 (Moscow time) on the second floor in Donetsk Central Department store massive explosion, were knocked out two Windows side street and the blast wave smashed several Windows with the other sides of the building. An explosive device went off, there are two victims. Aside Cum proceeded two fire brigades and other emergency emergency services arrive. Of Cum were evacuated all employees and visitors. Firefighters put out the fire. At the scene came first three, and then two more "ambulance". The Department store came fighters DND, they entered the building, brought out a man, handcuffed, put into a car and drove away in an unknown direction. In the Donetsk Central Department store of a terrorist attack, detained a suspect (photo/video) | Russian spring First wedding Novorossia: machines, roses, Shooters and Gubarev on holiday at Motorola and Elena on 11 July, in Donetsk, the wedding of the famous commander of the militia DND of Motorola and opolchenki Elena, a resident of the suburb Slavyansk - Semenovka villages. Their marriage was the first officially registered in the new Russia, the newlyweds had issued a marriage certificate from number 0001. For the wedding ceremony Motorola wore his military uniform with awards and gun. In spit of Elena was woven ribbon of St. George. The bride also carried a machine. The groom was in a cast, he recently broke his arm. Among the honored guests were the people's Governor and the leader of the new Russia Pavel Gubarev, the Minister of defense of the Donetsk national Republic Igor Strelkov and other senior management DND, and the team members and friends of Motorola. One of the first Suite has congratulated Igor Strelkov. - God grant him good health, much older children, and that children were as brave soldiers as he wished commander DND
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