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What Americans really do in Ukraine?
What Americans really do in Ukraine?

The events on the Maidan " and the subsequent Ukrainian crisis has aggravated relations between Russia and the US, "as if again, 1962". The role of Americans in what is happening, of course, is great, but their true motivation is far from traditional for this country Messiahship (why then intervention of Saudis in Bahrain has not prevented?).

But to understand what and why do Americans in Ruthenia, you need to look into the past.

The beginning of the collapse

A few days before Yanukovych's refusal to sign the Association agreement with the EU, Alexander Kwasniewski, former President of Poland and Chairman of the Monitoring Committee of the EU frankly said that Ukraine continues fight for the future of our continent". Indeed, following the signing pretty hard [the Ukrainians] to the contract, one Europe grew big and interesting territory, from which it could make a great country-satellite. Of course, such a foreign policy success of Brussels was to be an excellent stepping stone to the creation of a full United States of Europe, States that under the existing economic potential is already surpasses the United States of America: in the member-States of the EU are concentrated 19,36% of world GDP against 18,86% in the US. I note that it was considered to be without Switzerland and Norway, the major economies, perfectly integrated in the EU, although officially there and not included. Add to this neo-colonial assets England and France, a major impact in such a noticeable countries as Turkey, " she is a competitor of America in the new century. And not China, the country-factory, which is ruled by this gang of crooks and thieves. Otherwise, the Americans would not have listened "friends of Europe" with such zeal.

Speech about "strategic allies" and delightful stories about Day-D topical until then, until we talk about the distribution of money and power

Moreover, the Americans over the past 20 years has lost all its allies in the "forever countries of young democracy": arms of the Russian Federation Europeans brought to Moldovans, Georgians and Azerbaijanis thought about the harmfulness of friendship with the Americans and extreme attractiveness of friendship with Europe (all of them are preparing to ratify the agreement on Association with the EU). Have you noticed that more even talk no no accession of these countries into NATO, not to mention just about placing American military bases there?

Yanukovych on his reasons, refused to sign the Treaty, which is controlled by the Americans, the IMF has responded with approval: "Financial risks in Ukraine significantly declined due to the refusal of conclusion of an Association agreement with Brussels". The Americans were going to wait until the presidential election 2015 year in which their active participation would have won the Pro-American candidate, after which Ukraine has started the process of European integration again and would then become an American Trojan horse in Europe instead of Poland, which the Europeans have long and successfully neutralized. It should take a step back and explain to the readers that represented Poland "American period": this is in order to understand why now Americans need Ukraine.

Swan song gentleman

It was, of course, anti-minded country, but more importantly, it is the Americans were based in Europe. Strictly speaking, there were also Pro-American countries of the Baltic and (some) Czech Republic, but only Poland, given the size, population and simply historical baggage (once-great power + powerful Polish Diaspora in the USA) was "the biggest bully", which is constantly weakened the EU internally and helped to put the unit in an inconvenient and humiliating position of "Junior partner of the US".

One of the major sins in Poland was the participation in the U.S. MISSILE defense program. Recall that 6 years ago topic "will put the poles themselves American missiles or not?" was one of the most important on the international agenda. Officially ABOUT was necessary to repel attacks from Iran (and maybe, for the attack on him: and the Americans), but in Russia and in the rest of the world fervently believed that this is just a pretext, and the rocket will target specifically against Russia. In General, no matter against whom they are aimed, most importantly, that the elites of Europe, from 1945-th year forced to endure American occupation, were against increasing the number of American troops on the continent: in particular opposed by the then French President Sarkozy (and generally 51% of European voters want the Americans withdraw all its troops from the territory of Europe). Because the founder of the Iranian regime has arrived in Tehran from Paris, what to fear him. Poles warnings by senior block is not heeded, the agreement still has signed. They, however, did not help.

on September 17, 2009, on the 70 th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland (Oh, the irony!), Americans, obviously, after difficult negotiations with the European leaders announced that the project collapsed. Poland was unhappy, but who cares: the joy on the occasion of the cancellation of the project expressed Merkel, Sarkozy and former British Prime Minister brown. Best of the situation, without even knowing it, later described the Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk: "I can only be satisfied with the fact that we are the first in 15 years, the Prime Minister of Poland, which is not so fascinated our American ally". Looking ahead, I will say that, and other, more advanced MISSILE defense program in Central and Eastern Europe, the Americans later turned.

Neither President Reagan, nor John Paul II (pole) did not know that someday ways of their countries will diverge

The poles, however, insisted: they wanted an "independent foreign policy" by relying on "American friends". Europeans all became clear back in 2008, when still alive the President of Poland Lech Kaczynski became all enthusiastic to tell how talked with Obama on the phone after winning the last election, and that Obama promised "be sure to install in Poland".

In total for all senior management of Poland and considerable part of its elite was all over plane crash 2010. After that all the famous Polish ambition vanished like smoke above the burnt Warsaw in September 1944: Poland arranged as exemplary outskirts of the European Union, took up the entire foreign policy for it and no more scandals ABOUT was not. A noticeable change in the attitude of the elite to America: the head of the Polish Foreign Ministry Radoslaw Sikorski started saying that "Poland is a part of Europe and our main interest here, and his wife-American woman to her, however, all of the holiday: a Jewish family, the British nationality) Ann Appelbaum the last few years is telling the Americans that they were poles and do not really need.

Now the poles are busy with reforms in Moldova, more active than other EU put pressure on Lukashenko, integrate the republics of the former USSR within the framework of the program "Eastern partnership" (it is based in Poland). Europe is severe but fair, gave Poland nestydno position in the order.

Finally from "American filth" the country, however, had not cleansed: poles have since acted diplomatic intermediaries for Americans in Syria (however, the role is very ambiguous, because legally it is also the Embassy of the EU), honestly fought for the Americans in Afghanistan. But that's all. And of intra-European Affairs of Poland Americans drove for a long time.

Illustrative example with the American Ambassador in Poland Lee Pestana. He is too much attention paid to the preservation of the memory of the Holocaust, raised the issue on compensation of Polish Jews who suffered during the events of 1939-1945. It is clear that any talk about the Jews and world war II in Europe will inevitably lead to a discussion of the current role of Germany in Europe with relevant unpleasant conclusions. But not for the Germans allowed to spend at home fake denazification: Europe is necessary, that the Germans have also provided a pan-European Banquet, so that in 2012, a few days after another candid interview, Fenstein explained all his wrong and he without explanation gathered his things and left the post.

According to the latest plum information published by the Polish newspaper "Wprost", the same Sikorski in a personal conversation called friendship with America phenomenon only harmful for Poland: "It creates a false sense of security, so we can quarrel with Germans and Russians...And we will assume that everything is fine just because we sucked Americans as the last pigeons Note saying that the man in Europe as a model diplomat.

In General, you now understand that the Americans have lost in Eastern Europe and that they want to return. A single strong Ukraine strictly against Russia and "sly against" Europe - target efforts of a world leader.

Conflict of interest

However, the world of matter could not solve. A week before the signing of the Treaty in Vilnius key figures of the Ukrainian opposition (Klitschko, Tiahnybok, Yatsenyuk, Parubiy) with a thousand people, like Gypsy Tabor, is with tents in the center of Kiev and have started to demand the EU integration strengthening, and the whole campaign it was then called "Evropidan"well describe its essence. Yanukovych without regard for Americans (elections-2015 it is planned to win himself, and the policy of integration into Europe took a long time) did not sign the agreement, for which he received many thousands protest actions. I would like to note that in Poland against the U.S. MISSILE defense were also quite numerous protests (also about 1000 people), but then the European elite decided through negotiations with the Americans and Poland "Propagan" has passed.

Here as it is very revealing that in the first half of December in Kyiv flew German Foreign Minister (fraternized with the opposition) and the head of European Foreign Minister Baroness Catherine Ashton (fraternized with Yanukovych). Yanukovych hints (protest) and direct warnings (that he Ashton behind closed doors spoke) not hear or did not want to listen, because, in the end, he wanted to join the EU on the rights of at least Hungary, and he was asked to stand in a queue for Turkey (which stands there for more than 50 years). Evropidan decided to radicalise, the shooting, the victim, the escalation in General, all what would punish the disobedient dictators in the Third world. At the same time the Americans, though, and threatened Kiev sanctions, quite frankly Evropidan not supported not to help inadvertently European competitors. So at that stage of the EU in the country went heads of foreign ministries, and from the USA - only skomoroshky figures such as Senator McCain.

"Anyk" tugged a few months, but as for European integration were his friends and even candy king Poroshenko (whose confectionery business was suffering at the signing of the Association agreement), then Yanukovych's nothing left but to pack up and leave. Then came "the Yugoslav version of" the country's collapse and the civil war, in which the EU took a position of "benevolent neutrality", urging the parties to dialogue and generally openly and covertly supporting the further disintegration of Ukraine. The plan here is simple: to make over time, 5-6 different "Ukrain"give Russia 2 of them (as the Crimea) and engaged in the integration of the rest. Like in Yugoslavia. Someone (like Croatia) could even be lucky with EU membership, but in a hidden form, integration and so is almost complete: the Russian Federation is perfectly integrated in the European supply chain.

The situation is not too bad, because the militias in the East, continue to fight and survive in the absence of such an important for the victory assistance from the government of the Russian Federation, on only one crowdfunding and enthusiasm.

By the second half of April, it became clear that the Americans battle for Ukraine to lose, and then in the course went heavy artillery: in Kiev flew CIA Director John Brennan and Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden. To understand how this much, I will say that neither the EU, nor even from the RF figures such rank in Kyiv did not fly. First agreed with Ukrainians on the exchange of intelligence, second gave guarantees support in any circumstances, therefore, from the end of April we have had the misfortune to see an increase in suicidal, at first glance, the onslaught of the armed forces of Ukraine to the East. So Americans persist in its support for "anti-terrorist operation" in Donbas to the bitter end: should not the new "Poland" to lose its "Zaporozhye".

Then Pro-IMF (who knows how bad things in the Ukrainian economy, and under "normal circumstances" never would dare) approved granting Ukraine a $17 billion, sufficient for full recovery, but sufficient to delay full collapse (and the accompanying fall into the hands of Russia and the EU) is the first tranche ($3.2 billion), Ukraine received before the presidential elections, the second ($1.4 billion) will come later this summer. Note that required the IMF for further tranches measures cuts in Ukraine supports less than half the population.

Even Americans, Europeans decided to postpone indefinitely the launch of the "South stream"to save the economy of Ukraine, during its independent existence, surviving solely by the provisions of the transit countries, allowing it to bypass Russian gas to Europe, where it is very necessary. The Americans, however, did not waste his time and put in the Board of Directors of "Burimi", one of the largest private oil and gas companies of Ukraine, the son of the most Biden and Given Archer, classmate son Secretary Kerry.

Then Obama met with Petro Poroshenko, the new Ukrainian President (whose chocolate business will melt under the rays of free trade with the EU), expressed by the great respect and otrokov Russia for "dark tactics in Ukraine" (mmm, expressed in a helpless maxims Lavrov concerns about the situation?). The position of the Americans, at first glance, immaculate: the Pro-American candidate would win Russian separatists in the East, standing in the way of a possible expansion of Russia, will enhance the status of Ukraine as a unitary country, and then will start to integrate into Europe as an agent of American influence. But eloquent example of Iraq does not allow us to assume that created the American "geniuses" design will be sustainable.

Victory Poroshenko election Obama called "a wise choice for Ukraine"

However, the Americans need Ukraine, because NATO is no longer helps them in their foreign policy: although from 28 countries-members of the organization only two are located outside Europe, the main burden there are the USA (as demonstrated by the recent campaign in Libya and shows statistics expenses: 70% of the costs of NATO falls on the US), for the security of which this unit plays a key role. In fact, the Union straitjacket for the armed forces Europe Americans look after subregional. Dean Acheson, a great man and one of the greatest "generals" of the Cold war, with all of the American Frank said at the dawn of NATO that the organization needs including and then to "prevent the transformation of the EU into the third or hostile force." The same gentleman said that "there is nothing for us to coordinate with European partners, we just need to tell them what to do."

But the old continent, elite experienced and after the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in 1993, the Europeans have started to work on the integration of the power structures of their countries. Americans reacted to this very tough: in 1998, the U.S. Secretary of state Madeleine Albright (Czech Jewish descent, by the way) chided the Europeans and said that Washington would not tolerate "reductions and the suspension or the duplication of the functions of NATO." To no one doubts that we need the Americans, here are the words of Nicholas burns, US Ambassador to NATO, said in 2003 at a special meeting dedicated to the issue of European integration of the armed forces: "Cooperation of European countries in the issues of military policy is one of the greatest threats to the transatlantic relationship."

From honest work as a part of NATO and participation in the imposed by the USA wars like Afghanistan Europeans constantly evade or fight unfairly: at some point, the German troops were forbidden to leave the territory of their bases abroad (!), and Italian troops have secured the right to respond to a request for extension of the troops on the battlefields only six hours after receiving it (that's nothing: before they could reply in 72 hours).

But slowly, reluctantly, still one Europe creates its fighting forces. These include special detachments outside the jurisdiction of Americans - "combat tactical group". This summary or mono-national units, the number of 1,5-2,5 thousand persons each. The most famous is the "Weimar - EU (the"Weimar - EU Battlegroup") is a joint military unit of Germany, France and Poland. All of them have already created 19, by 2016 the poles will create another. This seems a little bit, but enough for wars that are powers of the first world - colonial operations small elite groups. "I haven't heard the Gong," so, perhaps, military units will join the peacekeeping mission to Ukraine. Funny and writing on the wall: on the teachings in the summer of 2008 were performed action "to ensure a democratic procedure during the first democratic elections in a fictional country called Fontinalis. Ukraine, by and large, the country also imaginary, so...

An additional incentive for the EU should be and potentially huge reserves of shale gas that is just between Luhansk, Slavonic and Kramatorsk: the contract signed by Yanukovych with the Anglo-Dutch "Shell" about the development of these fields, the new "democratic" government can break, referring to the criminality of the regime in order to conclude a new contract with American "Borispol". This also should include the interest of the richest man of England Lakshmi Mittal to Donetsk mines. No, Europeans will Povolit and his will.

Hunter Biden is very similar to Michael Fassbender, and all the Ukrainian crisis is reminiscent of the recent film "Advisor": with Tymoshenko instead of Cameron Diaz, Turchynov, instead of Javier Bardem, the Ukraine instead Penelope Cruz and the EU instead of cartels


Speaking about Russia's role in what is happening is meaningless: Russia since 1917 more often acts as object, rather than the subject. For example, state-owned VTB and Sberbank participate in the offering military loans this Kyiv government and go from Crimea to, Oh, my, Poroshenko not offended.

We have already talked about the fact that in case of discharge of Putin's new Russia is waiting for the confrontation with the security forces and "hawk" part of the elite. We can already see how Sechin said to him: "Volodya, do not let more of these bastards strangers, they know you as it is called? Not in Donbass even matter, you just think about you now, our conversation will be, if will not answer." But much more powerful incentive than national pride, in the hypothetical case of the new leadership of the Russian Federation will be that all these severe and gloomy people, mostly of Slavic faces and names, too, keep your property in Europe. That would be a determining factor in the solution of the Ukrainian question.

"Sir Michael told me that in Ukraine burn people in quilted jackets. What a wild people, the true heart of darkness"
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