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A temporary truce in Ukraine will not be useful
Андрей Келин
An interview with Russia's Permanent representative to the OSCE Andrey Kelin (photo) the Agency ITAR-TASS

Question: In September will be six months as a special OSCE mission in Ukraine. As she proved during this time?

Answer: I Must say that our hopes in this respect were realized. The mission maintains a fairly objective and straight line. We had concerns that it will slide to the position purely support of Kiev and its Western sponsors. This has not happened, and I am very pleased. This is one result.

The second result. We see that the reports of the mission as the conflict becomes more objective. Observers gather more information about the events in Donetsk and Kharkiv human rights violations. By the way, recently reports have been reflected and attacks on Orthodox priests, which was recently the Patriarch sent a letter to Swiss President and Current Chairman of the OSCE Didier to Burkhalter.

I must say that I am now impressed by the way how does the mission - quietly and without fuss.

Of course I wanted to see an early return to Lugansk team, which is now located outside of the city. People from Lugansk due to complications of the situation now based in Novopskov, in the North of the Lugansk region. We are interested in the fact that they came back and fixed what was happening there, including the destruction of Lugansk airport, described in their reports, because it is an important source now for all. And for Western journalists, no doubt. The truth must penetrate.

Currently the mission is about 260 people, including 230 observers. It will continue to grow, now declares a set of 80 observers.

Question: are there Russian side the geographic scope of the mission at the present time?

Answer: of course Not. But there are certain dynamics. If the first stage of what is happening in the West nothing was written, but now this information appears: and the protests of soldiers ' mothers, and about the excesses of the radical Right sector and the Nazis.

Question: Some time ago You mentioned that the reports are "cleaned" by the OSCE Secretariat in Vienna. You continue this practice to notice and now?

Answer: I heard that the Ukrainian Ambassador often requires changing one or the other texture. In some cases it will go forward, although this is, without doubt, irritation in the same Secretariat. And of course, to listen to him became smaller. Not to go on about such requirements, it is ridiculous.

Question: In mid-September will begin the second semiannual period of the observation mission in Ukraine. What do You expect from her in the coming months?

Answer: Probably, the mission will be brought to a quantitative ceiling, which provides decision - 500 people. Geographical distribution, I think, will not change: it requires the decision of the Permanent Council. Major adjustments in the work of the mission is not expected. Although we said earlier that if there is a ceasefire, then she would be a difficult task observation of this mode.

Question: What are the prospects for achieving this mode, in the light of statements made after a telephone conversation between the presidents of Russia and Ukraine, Vladimir Putin and Petro Poroshenko?

Response: with regard to the ceasefire, it has long been waiting for. This issue is discussed between ambassadors, what will it mean and on what terms. Whether on the challenge of the Ukrainian forces from Donetsk and Lugansk and cease-fire or full withdrawal from LNR and DND all Ukrainian troops. As I understand it, up to this far. We have held a large withdrawal of troops from Donetsk Republic, the cause of which is still currently not very clear. But the point to this rapidly.

Question: There is a chance that a temporary truce will be long-term?

Answer: a Temporary truce, it will not be useful. Since a truce for a few days as it once was, enables rearrangement of the parties to continue hostilities. This short break is not needed. Need substantive, real, full cease-fire. But this raises a few questions.

Ukrainians continue to push the plan Poroshenko - it was in Berlin, and after Berlin, but it does not contain provisions on Amnesty. Without Amnesty and political dialogue truce sense to have won absolutely. It is no coincidence that in Minsk during a meeting of the contact group in Ukraine) one of the requirements of DND and LNR was the announcement of unconditional Amnesty.

Question: In August, the question arose about the fact that in those areas where it is impossible to ensure monitoring by observers will be involved drones? At what stage of implementation is now, this measure?

Response: conducted a tender. The Austrian company has won. This is a completely new experience, although it was used by the UN in some other countries. Now we are developing the concept. We are talking about what they can work two drone average power, they can be viewed in the depth range from 10 to 30 km, to gather information.

They will collect information, and this information will be owned by the mission, she will not give it to anyone else. This is a very important point, because there were fears due to the fact that these data can be used in intelligence activities against the militias.

However, the militia is no guarantee that they will give freely to operate the drones, not give. And of course, in the absence of a ceasefire, I think so, they will lose. They are insured, but this is a dubious concept.

Now all this took a very long time. This project is stuck because a month ago the OSCE Secretariat sent the necessary documents to Kiev, you need to sign in order to use the drones. And neither the answer, nor greetings from Kyiv.

While we are not opposed to they worked. This is a more efficient scheme than to put observers at a checkpoint along the border.

Question: the issue of effective control over the border in recent days occurs quite often, including in the context of the meetings of the contact group in Ukraine in Minsk. What is it, how to implement this measure?

Answer: Indeed, the issue of effective control over the border now appears in conversations between Ministers and leaders. We try to deal with the Swiss chairmanship and some key ambassadors to the OSCE, what is at stake.

They say this phrase does not really understanding what was going on. They say that effective control is necessary to prevent, the flow of Russian military equipment and troops in the Ukraine. But Russian troops there, it is very clear, it is now confirmed and the U.S. state Department, there are no data, reliable information about it. The same applies to technology.

If we are talking about the border along the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, it is more than 1 thousand kilometers Is about 14-15 CAT, which now operate. The Westerners the idea is to expand the practice, which is used in "Gukovo" and "Donetsk" on the other checkpoint. For this, first, an unimaginable amount of effort and resources required.

And secondly, the question of what to monitor. Is clear that the technique through the gate no not talking about this constantly say observers. Moving unarmed people? In the conditions of the visa-free regime and a fairly open border no sense from the point of view of their influence on the security situation it will not bring. They will continue to move.

Question: the mandate of the border mission lasts three months. What is its fate?

Answer: Yes, three months, a month has passed. Now we gently ask, what is our attitude will be to continue the work of pogranicze. This will depend on what will be required by the situation. Now to predict what will happen in two months, it is difficult. But complaints about the activities of this mission we have. She is working as it was intended. As we waited, carefully locking the security situation. Repeatedly they wrote that CPR be bombarded with Ukrainian territory. No speculation was not there.

I liked how pogranicze recorded the passage of humanitarian convoys, literally by the hour. An honest report on their observations.

Question: does it follow from Your words that the mandate of the mission may be extended?

Answer: I do not rule it out. We'll see depending on the circumstances.

Question: From the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict a number of OSCE countries have addressed the mechanisms of the Vienna document on confidence-building measures in the military sphere. In recent years this is the first large-scale application of such practices. This mechanism has been proven? Did he really raise the level of trust?

Answer: I would not say that there is a positive practice of using the Vienna document. It was used to blow the scandal. Was there any unverified information about the activities of Russian troops in the border areas. There have been attempts to convene spezzacatena, to include emergency mechanisms established by the document. But to no avail. And for the last two or three months I don't remember attempts to convene such emergency meeting.

We are given the opportunity to use the mechanisms of the agreement on Open skies. Were inspections, we have deciphered data is one of the last inspection and has provided them on the forum for cooperation in the field of security, where everyone had the opportunity to make sure that there's nothing there that all this is only speculation. Therefore, this activity has faded. And during the summer months I do not remember a single attempt to require a new inspection, convene a meeting.

Now, however, again there are allegations that there are 10 thousand Russian soldiers near the Ukrainian border. But we have said that the measures taken to prevent the overflow of the conflict. Do all of the country, near which there are military operations. They strengthen the border in the event that military action is not spread across the border. This is a common situation.

Question: How do You evaluate the work of the OSCE mission at the crash site Malaysian Boeing?

Answer: the mission role of the subsidiary. They only see and help the experts. If necessary, they, I am sure, will continue.

It seems to me that in the first hours and days were made some errors and exaggeration. It is known that one of the leaders of the mission was deliberately trying to go beyond the grounds, which originally militia allocated to the presence of observers. This was done quite a sassy way, which resulted in the only shot in the air, which is then repeatedly "has been covered in the press. The same applies to the remains of that militia, not knowing what to do with them, tried to collect on a 40-degree heat. The mission would behave more correctly. But then the roughness is gone. Most importantly, what was the task is to help the experts to work. Since then, incidents or cases was not.

Question: this year the OSCE chaired by Switzerland. How do You evaluate their work and what do You expect from Serbia, which assumes the presidency of the organization in the next year?

Answer: I am in Vienna for three years and I must say that, without a doubt, this is the best chairmanship in many ways.

First, by their attitude. They are impartial, very serious line and do their task very seriously. They have mobilized considerable resources both here in Vienna and Bern, where a huge team in all areas. I have great respect for the Swiss chairmanship.

I really hope that this line will be continued next year during the Serbian presidency. It is important for us, because it is not the EU presidency. It will not push their priorities, as has happened with other countries. I hope the Swiss will be Serbs to help, because the Serbs few fewer resources and opportunities due to various reasons.
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