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Continued the themes of the agreement "PRO-1972". Prompt global strike

 The Treaty on the limitation of anti-ballistic missile systems (ABM) of 1972 was discussed on this site two weeks ago. Information occasion was the conclusion of an agreement with Iran. This gave grounds to recall that the United States violated the PRO-72 — citing the threat of missiles to Iran.

Let me remind you of important points:
1) Treaty of 1972 limited the arms Race, reduce the risk of a Third world war.
2) the arms Race between the USA and USSR was in many areas. The parties agreed to limit precisely Missile Defense – recognizing that Openness to retaliation is the most reliable means of deterrence
3) Fundamental "philosophical" basis of the antiballistic missile Treaty and subsequent Treaties, start I, start-2 - was the principle of the Right to equal security of the USSR and the USA.
4) on December 13, 2001, U.S. President George W. Bush notified the President of Russia on a unilateral U.S. withdrawal from the Treaty. In accordance with the provisions of the Treaty, it remained valid for 6 months after the application for withdrawal and finally ceased on 12 June 2002.
5) External cause of withdrawal from the ABM began talking about the threat to the U.S. from Russia and from "rogue States". It was held in the atmosphere "after the September 11 attacks".
6) In 2001, the UN General Assembly adopted a Resolution in support of the ABM Treaty. Supported by more than 80 States. Against: USA, Israel.
7) the US until 2001 tried to circumvent PRO - using the chance of technological, economic separation from the USSR. For example, the SDI Program (Star wars). With the help of orbital platforms, armed with a variety of types of non-standard weapons, lasers, kinetic interceptors... the U.S. hoped to intercept Soviet ICBMs.

Now we will talk about a new effort by the US to beat Russia to undermine the Principle of equal security, the concept of prompt global strike.
Prompt global strike (Prompt Global Strike (PGS) — beat normal non-nuclear, in other words: conventional (conventional) weapon at any point on the planet.
In the arms Race, except for inventions, production of any new types of weapons, is essential and Experience of its Application. Life techniques the use of these weapons in a real combat situation. No doctrine, "tabletop game" in the acquisition of Experience - not be compared with real war.
Nuclear weapons, thank God, after Hiroshima has not been used.
But significantly improved other non-nuclear weapons, and...
And I must admit that here in the U.S. finally received a certain substantial Lead over Russia in the issue of mining Experience in the Use — cruise missiles, guided bombs, etc.
As they moved ahead of Russia in this direction? Two wars with Iraq, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan.
It was the blood, the destruction of these countries and gave US a big headstart, important Experience.
But how to use it against Russia?
More than half a century, our security rests on our laurels Parity, about the equality of nuclear warheads and delivery systems. The previous generation has made this provision. "Nuclear umbrella", "Nuclear shield"... names chosen were many, the point is simple: equality aimed at each other's nuclear weapons. And if you type in this equation is the non-nuclear means? Knocking out part of the nuclear potential, they will provide a decisive advantage.
What is the fundamental novelty of this plan?
1)Previously the American sets of cruise missiles, guided bombs, etc. with non-nuclear warheads could cause substantial damage to the nuclear forces of the USSR-Russia. And in the wars since 1991 have been "run-in" strikes with huge distances to the objects in the Iraq, Yugoslavia.
2) Significant in the phrase prompt global strike is "Fast". That is, the attack is within one hour.

General James Cartwright, former Deputy head of the Committee of chiefs of staffs of armed forces:
"Now, if we are not talking about a nuclear strike, it could take days, possibly weeks before the military can launch an attack by regular forces... the Goal of our system is to deliver a quick and precise blow to any region of the world in the event of a conflict or emergency situations. The system will complement the connection forces forward-deployed, expeditionary air forces (which can be deployed within 48 hours) and carrier strike groups (a willingness to fight in a given area - 96 hours)".

Well, actually, the military "units" of the concept of "prompt global strike"

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin: "In the United States developed the concept of "rapid global strike", which allows to achieve an advantage over nuclear-weapon state, thanks to the best technical characteristics of weapons, including greater speed. In particular, we are talking about aircraft (including unmanned) and the rockets are able to move in 6 to 20 times faster than the speed of sound"

Vladimir Naczelny, Colonel, doctor of technical Sciences (the "prompt global strike"):

First and perhaps most realistic - Intercontinental ballistic missiles, sea-based type Trident II D5. They have high-precision non-nuclear combat units...
Have statovci and hypersonic cruise missiles. But not too successfully. Only in may of last year the U.S. spent more or less successful tests of the missile over the Pacific ocean. Tested and other hypersonic vehicles (Falcon HTV-2 and AHW). Purpose fantastically tempting: the designers are convinced that such missiles may not be equipped with a warhead, because of their speed and energy will be sufficient to destroy the target with a direct hit".

Hypersonic Cruise long-range Missile capable of reaching targets in 5-6 times faster than subsonic – type "Tomahawk".
Kinetic weapons (jokingly Americans call it "the rods of the Lord"). It is a heavy refractory rods of tungsten. They will dump on goal from a great height. During testing, the Americans came to the conclusion that the rod length of 6 meters and a thickness of 30 cm will be released at the target at a speed of 3500 m/sec. And at the point of impact will the release of energy equivalent to the explosion of 12 tons of TNT!

Here are important things to think about. Indeed, in the case of Iraq, Yugoslavia – as such suddenness of the war was not. Power of American coalitions openly focused for many months – certainly not waiting for pre-emptive strikes.
In the event of a possible conflict with the country having the nuclear deterrent force is an essential element of the speed, suddenness. After all, to decide "press the nuclear button" is much harder than non-nuclear strike forces, political, moral responsibility.
And if you add propaganda pressure? For example, throw in a thesis: "the Aggressor the world must recognize the one who first allowed nuclear missiles!"

The situation seems simple, understandable "fingers" or on the chess examples (Brzezinski, by the way, called also its geopolitical book "the Grand chessboard").
You have the means to produce "nuclear exchange figures." Have and time: recorded start nuclear missiles of the enemy - let your. Now, if suddenly threatened by changing your nuclear shapes on a non-nuclear opponent's pawns? Preserving its nuclear shapes in one piece? And promotion will include the roar of sirens and screams over your ear: "Who first touches the figure and the aggressor!"
And another important to continue the chess analogy. As you know, Champions overlook the main matches of the world not alone, but with whole teams: the coaches, the seconds... And if the team or in the state of the player occurs group, the column number -- - receiving and relaying the arguments from that side of the Board? "Impossible! We will be the aggressors!"
And in this situation – hour to think! It is, incidentally, a staggered time interval.
Exactly an hour, sixty minutes leaves you for a decision - Fast global strike.
Blurred the concept of threshold of nuclear war, require changes in the decision-making mechanisms
It seems that these factors meant the Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Sergey Ryabkov: "Development developed in the U.S. system of "prompt global strike" can lead to conflict with apocalyptic consequences."

So if we talk about the final design of this concept, "global" - this chip auditioned for Iraq, Yugoslavia, and "Fast" is for Russia and China, the only countries besides the US having a nuclear deterrent force.
Here is important even than simple "chess" clarification - on the scale is obtained: nuclear, non-nuclear weapons and propaganda... "means of delivery", of which we have only RT, "Russia today" - the spirit against almost dozen news channels comparable power.
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