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Czech journalist: militia mixed plans USA, NATO and EU
Czech journalist: militia mixed plans USA, NATO and EU

"The new Russia, recognized as a subject of international law yet, but how many of these subjects have already been in the world?" asks Czech journalist jiří Germanic (Jiří Hermánek) in his recent article "Ukraine - new Russia" in the publication "Neviditelny pes".
Speaking about the way to recognition or non-recognition of a state by the so-called "international community" really, you should think about such modern powers like Vietnam, Brazil, Venezuela or South Africa and, of course - it is worth Recalling the history of the formation, or rather the history of the U.S. war for independence. All of these countries arose, in fact, is the same. Their population was lasergene policy of the Central authorities: whether it's London - in the case of the US or Lisbon - in the history of Brazil. Values of some force imposed by others - is the core and cause, in particular, the civil war in Vietnam.

Jiří Germanic: "we are outraged that Russia is helping the so-called separatists. Of course, if we wanted, we called them more pleasant and noble - "freedom Fighters", "National liberation movement" and other

But because they have absolutely simply no way, politically not suit you, at best they are separatists, and at worst terrorists. But why is it so? Because they mixed our, i.e. the US-NATO-EU plans".

The aim of the events in Ukraine, as suggested by the Czech journalist - "Simple and easy to weaken Russia and pressure. To reduce its international influence and weight. And it would be completely naive to think that Russian President Vladimir Putin made it.

What is the essence of the so-called "Donbass spring? East tried to secede. Kiev has responded to this violence and killing.

Speaking of using Russian this movement, jiří Germanic takes common today in the West designation fighters Donbass as "separatists" in quotation marks. This is a very serious step for any Western journalist. If only he did not want to question those "shortcuts"that people in the Donbas were awarded for the most part of the Euro-Atlantic media.

Jiří Germanic: "the Russians are idiots and cowards at the same time, if not helped their fellow citizens. I say this quite openly. I like helping fighters in the East of Ukraine. To expel Kiev perpetrators of this part of the country, and that could begin negotiations for a new state and legal system of Ukraine".

World history easily confirm Russians never been idiots. And Borodino, Brest or Stalingrad eloquent about their courage.

"Gaddafi killed, because he, as stated by NATO - violence suppressed the rebellion on its territory. And Kiev today is bombing its own citizens day and night, and it correctly? In our minds, something failed, Yes?" - rhetorically concludes Czech.

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