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About Nemtsov I never expressed. And when there were suspects, and even recognition - nothing too began to speak. But now, as the favorite game liberals "believe it or not?", I want to insert my two cents.

In fact, I cannot believe or not to believe the investigation. Nemtsov was a typical representative of our opposition. That is, man, "reached the peaks of the capital's bottom". There is no such dirt, which he could not be involved, there is no waste with which he would refuse to deal with, and no such dirty money, which he refused to take. Are they all.

As said Yakemenko, when asked why he funded opposition:

"Man must first learn to get money. He just gets used to it. And then he becomes still, one take".

(see 1.5 minutes: 1:08:59 1:10:30, https://youtu.be/tdJ_xsbz9W8?t=1h8m59s)

These people live effortlessly. Homo ludens. War with the government, mezhdousobnye squabbles, "movements", for which the rank and file members can get real terms, requirements to give the Caucasus, to give Siberia, to give nuclear weapons - games for bored elite. It entertains them, gives the thrill. They have money, but im bored. And the President got a democratic, so why not join in the opposition? And what matters to the country, to the people? Moreover, that he "Vata" and "slave psychology", which is "not given"...

It was a beautiful idea "rukopojatie". That is, if you play this game, "water power", potaissa with the "civilized world" in foreign embassies, getting a nice nishtyak in the form of grants, if you're all "their", and "your" will be the choir for you. Even if you're a murderer and rapist. You rush to defend the whole, even if the judge over the case, even if you are guilty. Because the law is for mere mortals, not for the terminally bored elite who decided to play with the fate of the country in the name of thrills.

And they really did not get involved, they preferred to close their eyes, they did not touch. "Romportnet" was really a kind of shield. From power. Admittedly, these spells always acted mainly on Vladimir Vladimirovich, who asked not to touch the trash, that in the country less stank.

And from all other playing these "HireDate and wisely stayed away, knowing that there "rukopahsnomu" not otmazatsya. They've learned that the 90's were that Putin, whom they so enthusiastically cursed, gave the order. It is originally from the "dashing" remember that taking a little not the money or contacting a few wrong people, you could not leave it with machine-the apartment, and with his head. This was the notorious "freedom" and "democracy". The same Russia that we lost" (TM).

But time has passed, manners softened, we all relaxed a little. And some of them even too. Because the adventure and thirst for thrills constantly pushed them beyond the line. Doubtful mistress, questionable money, questionable acquaintances, eternal hunt for "spicy", the desire to get into any hot spots and to participate in any dirty games.

Well, some of them participated. What could kill Nemtsov? For whatever. The entire Arsenal of rich detective will be up here not excluded from jealousy to the mafia, from spies and bandits. They climbed in war, they climbed in religious wars. They thought that "romportnet" will protect them from everything. But she defended only by the Russian authorities that Putin was asked not to touch these assholes. But the rest was "romportnet" don't care.

And now they, rogues and adventurers, trying to dazzle feat from mediocre life and the same mediocre finale. And carrying on from that life broke their crystal dream, fun game. Broke casually and not even noticing, in General. What's there?.. Another adventurer found them for yourself?.. It happens. Ces't la vie. Great mladoreformatorov failed Yeltsin's successor was killed on the bridge with a whore? Like some ordinary... quilted jacket-Colorado-Rasputin? Non-elite death elite? Of course, only the Russian cattle society this can be to blame. And personally Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, of course. Such a tragedy: "the kid from Ramsi has populal"...

They thought that they were playing chess, perform risky gambits. And it appeared that played them. And enter them. Sympathize with.

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