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Psaki thinks phosphoric bombs under Slavonic applied Russia

фотоThe representative of US state Department Jen Psaki during the press-conference suggested that phosphoric bombs under the Slavic could be used by the Russian side, said the RT.

At the meeting with journalists Psaki asked to comment on the information about the possible use of phosphorous bombs Ukrainian troops in the area of Slavyansk on Wednesday night. A journalist of the Associated Press, the questioner, noted that there were photo and video, pointing to the use of this type of ammunition. In response Psaki asked: "Who, Russians?" The journalist said that the Ukrainian army. "I have not seen a corresponding message, " said state Department spokesman.

In the night of June 12, militia reported that the village Semenovka in the suburbs of Slavyansk fired incendiary bombs. In the media there were messages that applied under fire bombs could be phosphorous munitions. The national guard under Ukrainian later refuted reports of the use of phosphorous bombs against the civilian population.

Jen Psaki became famous thanks to his statements at the press conference of the US state Department. So, state Department spokesman made the statement on Russian gas supplies, transported "pipeline from Western Europe through Ukraine to Russia", referred to the "banks" of Belarus, which will be immediately transferred to the 6th fleet, if Belarus would invade Ukraine, and commenting on pictures Donetsk militia, Psaki stated: "the pictures we see that these people, judging from appearances, is clearly relevant to Russia". These and other statements immediately drew the attention of the media.

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